Did Ken Ham lower the Ark Encounter attendance estimates? Not exactly

Ken Ham’s message is changing a little, but his official estimates are staying the same [Read more…]

Is anyone actually visiting the Ark Encounter? New drone footage shows empty parking lot

New drone footage suggests no one is actually showing up to the Ark Encounter [Read more…]

Williamstown mayor says Ark Encounter is not the economic boon they expected

Williamstown, Kentucky expected a big economic boon after the arrival of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in early July. The reality, however, is much different. [Read more…]

Ken Ham claims the Ark Encounter feels empty because it’s so big

The park is crazy empty, all the time, even on opening day. Ham himself tweeted out a photo of the VIP, media preview day instead of the grand opening because attendance was so tiny. The park averaged about 5,000 people per day over its opening weekend. [Read more…]

Artists paint anti-Ark Encounter mural at Kentucky festival

Branden McClain, one of five local artists commission to take part in the creation of a large mural at the Forecastle Festival in Kentucky, used the opportunity to send a message. The message is the Ark Encounter is a waste of money. [Read more…]

A video Q&A about the Ark Encounter protest and more

We discussed the Ark Encounter protest, Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, the myth that is the Noah’s Ark story, and a lot else. [Read more…]

Bill Nye says he hopes that the Ark Encounter goes bankrupt and closes before it is completed

Bill Nye the Science Guy paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter and he wasn’t impressed. [Read more…]

Aftermath: Protesting the Ark Encounter

The protest was a huge success, and I mean that. More than 100 activists turned out, including some from Planned Parenthood to stand with us and let those getting off the freeway to the Ark Encounter know that the park they were about to visit was being paid for with their tax dollars, and a few signs that let children in those cars know, they were about to enter fantasy land. [Read more…]

CNN criticizes Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter for using tax money to spread Christian message

CNN’s Carol Costello paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter while she called the park a “mind-blowing site,” she was not too pleased to learn that the park was benefiting from a massive influx of tax dollars and state bonds. [Read more…]

Help me protest the Ark Encounter grand opening in Kentucky

Many of you know I have spent more than 2 years now fighting Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter. I am now ready to see this battle through to the end and be present to protest the park on opening day. [Read more…]