CNN criticizes Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter for using tax money to spread Christian message

CNN’s Carol Costello paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter while she called the park a “mind-blowing site,” she was not too pleased to learn that the park was benefiting from a massive influx of tax dollars and state bonds. [Read more…]

Help me protest the Ark Encounter grand opening in Kentucky

Many of you know I have spent more than 2 years now fighting Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter. I am now ready to see this battle through to the end and be present to protest the park on opening day. [Read more…]

Op-Ed claims that the Ark Encounter makes America look ignorant

“When the United States is already lagging behind many prominent nations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the creation of the ark can only be detrimental to our nation’s standing.” [Read more…]

Kentucky approves Ark Encounter for up to $18 million in tax incentives

I had reported earlier that I did not believe the park would be approved for the full amount, but the theocrats who run the State of Kentucky have set out to disappoint me, and the poor taxpayers of the state yet again. [Read more…]

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is looking to hire 400 strictly Christian employees

Ark Encounter has said the park is looking to hire between 300 and 400 employees and that each employee will be required to “profess Christ as their savior.” [Read more…]

Kentucky won’t pay for road improvements to the Ark Encounter

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin had proposed a $10.5 million plan to improve a road that leads to the controversial Ark Encounter, currently under construction by Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis. [Read more…]

Kentucky officials approve bible class in public schools

A new bill in Kentucky would allow public schools to offer a biblical studies course that uses the bible as a social and historical guide [Read more…]

Ken Ham says he may ease up on religious requirements for Ark Encounter workers

Ken Ham says the Ark Encounter may ease up on religious rules for employees just weeks after winning lawsuit saying his organization has the right to discriminate. [Read more…]

Kentucky is already promoting the Ark Encounter for tourism

I would imagine most states would be embarrassed by housing a Noah’s Ark theme park and would do little to promote its existence. Especially one owned by Ken Ham. [Read more…]

Kentucky needs to end its tax incentive program

On January 25, a Federal Court judge issued an injunction forcing the State of Kentucky to accept a tax rebate application from Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, despite the obvious and illegal employment discrimination being practiced by the park. [Read more…]