New poll suggests American’s feelings towards atheists and Muslims are getting better

With the election dividing much of the country, it is surprising to see that American’s views towards various religious groups are actually increasing [Read more…]

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly thinks that ‘seeing Muslims’ is enough reason to call the cops

During Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate on Fox News, moderator and Fox host Megyn Kelly grilled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about his stance against profiling, arguing that profiling could have stopped the San Bernardino shooting.

“Now you have said we should not profile. How do you square that with the San Bernardino case?” Kelly asked. [Read more…]

Ted Cruz ‘commends’ Donald Trump after anti-Muslim remarks

Sen. Ted Cruz commended Donald Trump the day after Trump called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Cruz said he would not join a growing number of Republicans who spoke out against the bigoted foreign policy plan that would disallow Muslims from entering the U.S. [Read more…]

Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher rip ‘regressive leftists’ for giving Islam a pass

Appearing on Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins and Maher discussed “regressive leftists who simply fail to understand when it comes to Islam their views are anything but liberal. [Read more…]

CJ Werleman Calls New Atheists “White Supremacists”

In a recent series of Tweets, CJ Werleman has attempted to call New Atheists to task. His usual kinds of arguments against anti-theism have, to me, occasionally merited a brief mention behind the likes of Reza Aslan or Glenn Greenwald. But now I feel Harris might have taken the most appropriate actions with Werleman by [Read More…]

Why The Number of “Good Followers” Of A Faith Doesn’t Matter

There has been a talking point that has recently become the clarion call of religious apologists and New Atheist witch-hunters like Reza Aslan and CJ Werleman, which is that it doesn’t matter that Islam is interpreted by evil people as a license to do evil things, as 1.18 billion other Muslims follow the same creeds and don’t commit [Read More…]

Yale Humanist group was wrong in trying to silence free speech rights

There was a lot of controversy this week over Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaking at Yale University. Originally Yale’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) spoke out against Hirsi Ali speaking claiming she lacked the credentials to speak on Islamic matters.

This came as no surprise given that Hirsi Ali is critical of Islam and the MSA would want to do everything to silence any speech that criticized their faith. What did seem to shock everyone, as JT Eberhard points out, was to see the Yale Humanist’s take the side of the MSA in silencing a religious critic. [Read more…]

Military force will not stop ISIS and neither will ‘convert or kill’

Now, Robertson is playing a character, and I don’t personally know how much of his radical beliefs are actually his, or the character he is selling the US on, but one thing is for sure, his speech is dangerous and regardless if it is sincere or not, he is spreading this message on national television and those like Hannity are giving him a megaphone to spread his xenophobia. [Read more…]