Does the deplatforming of Charles Murray hurt the right to free speech?

How many times do we need to debate the merits of racism? [Read more…]

Nazi Richard Spencer kicked out of CPAC conference, called ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘racist’

Even racist conservatives want nothing to do with the alt-right [Read more…]

Should we be okay with punching Nazis?

Many argue that Nazis should never be punched, do their arguments hold up against scrutiny? [Read more…]

Men’s rights activist tells Anne Frank center to stop complaining about the holocaust

You won’t believe what this men’s rights activist tweeted at the Anne Frank Center [Read more…]

Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Israel compared liberal Jews to Nazis

Donald Trump announced his nominee for Ambassador to Israel Thursday by choosing David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer who is aligned closely with Israel’s far-right. [Read more…]

White nationalists call Star Wars a sinister Jewish plot promoting diversity. Call for boycott

Fragile white men are threatened by a movie starring a female and people of color [Read more…]

Ben Carson: Jews and lack of guns to blame for Holocaust

Ben Carson is on a roll. Darwin was inspired by Satan, climate change is a good thing and now this.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Carson told CNN he believes that had Jews in Europe been armed more heavily, they could have avoided the Holocaust. [Read more…]

Donald Trump just tweeted Nazi soldiers on the American flag

Donald Trump is an idiot.

Today he tweeted, and later blamed an intern, an image of an American flag, alongside his face, 100 dollar bills, the White House and some Nazi SS soldiers. [Read more…]

10 myths about atheists that just won’t go away

One of the worlds most misunderstood demographics is atheists. Accused of satanic worship or totally lacking a moral compass, many peoples misconceptions lead people to think atheists are bad people and sadly leaves people scared and weary of atheists. American’s especially do not trust atheists have ranked them as one of the most hated “religious demographics” in the country.

Most of the misconceptions about atheists and atheism center around a small group of myths and misunderstandings about what atheism is and what it means to be an atheist. These are the top 10 most popular arguments made against atheism. [Read more…]

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Christian right leader compares LGBT advocates to ISIS

Dramatic and false comparisons are nothing new for the Christian right, often comparing groups like atheists to Stalin and abortion rights advocates to Nazi’s, it seems that Joseph Backholm, the Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, wishes to carry on this tradition by comparing LGBT rights advocates to none other than ISIS. [Read more…]