A video Q&A about the Ark Encounter protest and more

We discussed the Ark Encounter protest, Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, the myth that is the Noah’s Ark story, and a lot else. [Read more…]

Let’s all enter the Ark Encounter giveaway and stop a family from subjecting their kids to nonsense

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is having a massive giveaway. The adults who will be entering the contest will likely do so for the sake of bringing their families to the park. [Read more…]

Noah’s Ark crashes into a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel

Well, this is a story I could never have imagined writing. A 230-foot Noah’s Ark replica collided with a Norwegian Coast Guard ship causing extensive damage to both. [Read more…]

Ken Ham invited Bill Nye for a private tour of the Ark Encounter

Creationist Ken Ham has extended an invitation to Bill Nye to join him for a private tour of the Ark Encounter ahead of the opening date of the park. [Read more…]

Newspaper reveals hilarious ‘facts’ you will find at a creation museum

A reporter for the Great Falls Tribune, a Montana-based newspaper, sent a reporter to a local creationist museum, The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, founded by Otis Kline. [Read more…]

Ken Ham says he may ease up on religious requirements for Ark Encounter workers

Ken Ham says the Ark Encounter may ease up on religious rules for employees just weeks after winning lawsuit saying his organization has the right to discriminate. [Read more…]

Kentucky is already promoting the Ark Encounter for tourism

I would imagine most states would be embarrassed by housing a Noah’s Ark theme park and would do little to promote its existence. Especially one owned by Ken Ham. [Read more…]

Kentucky needs to end its tax incentive program

On January 25, a Federal Court judge issued an injunction forcing the State of Kentucky to accept a tax rebate application from Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, despite the obvious and illegal employment discrimination being practiced by the park. [Read more…]

The Ark Encounter will not qualify for $18 million in tax rebates

Monday’s Federal Court ruling that ordered the Commonwealth of Kentucky to move forward with the state’s Tourism Development Program application is being heralded by Ken Ham has a huge win, not only for religious freedom, in his opinion, but also for his park which he says is now eligible for the $18 million tax incentive rebate. [Read more…]

Ken Ham calls Newsweek anti-Christian for further exposing his Ark Encounter discrimination

On Saturday, Newsweek ran a great expose on the Ark Encounter and the employment discrimination that led to the park losing its $18 million tax incentive. [Read more…]