New documentary explores the Ark Encounter and America’s obsession with creationism

Why are Americans so obsessed with creationism, Noah’s Ark and making everyone else believe in it too? [Read more…]

Did the Ark Encounter actually reach 400,000 visitors? Only Ken Ham thinks so

Ken Ham says the Ark Encounter has broken 400,000 visitors and we’re supposed to take his word for it [Read more…]

Sorry Canada, but it looks like you’re getting your own Ark Encounter

The United States owes Canada a huge apology. It seems that Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in Kentucky has given rise to a similar themes park in Saskatchewan, Canada. [Read more…]

How was Ark Encounter attendance over Labor Day weekend? Not great

It seems Bill Nye may get his wish and this park may not stay open long enough for phase 2. [Read more…]

Is anyone actually visiting the Ark Encounter? New drone footage shows empty parking lot

New drone footage suggests no one is actually showing up to the Ark Encounter [Read more…]

Setting Blake Giunta Straight on the Gospel of Luke

At the beginning of August, Atheist Community of Austin President Matt Dillahunty held a public debate with Blake Giunta, owner of apologetics site Belief Map. The debate was around whether or not Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead after his crucifixion. After there was an initial argument from both parties over the validity/problems with [Read More…]

New Book: Adam and Eve (free today!)

Image from the author I have a new book that was released recently. It is called Adam and Eve: Questioning the Historicity of Biblical Human Origins. This book discusses the Genesis creation account and looks at whether we can determine if there was a historical Adam and Eve or not. Spoiler Alert: no. Not only [Read More…]

Williamstown mayor says Ark Encounter is not the economic boon they expected

Williamstown, Kentucky expected a big economic boon after the arrival of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in early July. The reality, however, is much different. [Read more…]

Ken Ham claims the Ark Encounter feels empty because it’s so big

The park is crazy empty, all the time, even on opening day. Ham himself tweeted out a photo of the VIP, media preview day instead of the grand opening because attendance was so tiny. The park averaged about 5,000 people per day over its opening weekend. [Read more…]

Kentucky newspaper complains that the Ark Encounter doesn’t provide what’s advertised

In the Where to Go, section of the, journalist Carly Garcia pays a visit to the Ark Encounter and notes five things she learned while there. Most aren’t worth revisiting, but a few key points did stand out. [Read more…]