Creationist Ken Ham: ‘The pope is wrong’ about atheism and the Big Bang

The man who built a boat in the middle of a field in Kentucky seems rather jealous of Pope Francis and all his fame [Read more…]

Pope Francis says there will never be female priests in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis said Tuesday morning that people should never expect to see female priests in the Catholic Church. [Read more…]

Pope Francis says that transgender people are the ‘annihilation of man’

Pope Francis, the bigoted head of the pedophile ring also known as the Catholic Church, said this week he is upset that children are being taught that they can choose their gender. [Read more…]

Pope Francis says capitalism is ‘terrorism against all of humanity’ from golden throne

Liberals seem to love when Pope Francis bashes capitalism, praising him with speaking up for the poor. Ignoring he does it all while sitting atop an $8 billion dollar church, ravished in gold. [Read more…]

Pope France says trans children need to accept their bodies; says sex ed ‘promotes narcissism’

Pope Francis declares that transgender children need to accept the bodies given to them and that safe-sex education ‘promotes narcissism’ [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders announces he is speaking at The Vatican – but should he?

Bernie Sanders told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he has accepted an invitation to speak at the Vatican. [Read more…]

New Hampshire state representative calls the pope ‘the anti-Christ’

A NH state representative has called Pope Francis the “anti-Christ” because of his comments against Donald Trump [Read more…]

Pope Francis commits logical fallacy in claiming Donald Trump is not a Christian

Pope Frances has committed a very basic logical fallacy in trying to claim that Donald Trump is not a Christian because of his views on immigration. [Read more…]

Vatican: Bishops don’t have to report sexual abuse to the police

If you support the Catholic Church you are supporting child rape and abuse. [Read more…]

Pope says we should use social media for good. Like calling out those who harbor pedophiles?

Pope Frances doesn’t seem to enjoy Internet trolls. On Friday, the pontiff spoke out against the aggressive nature of the online political discourse.

He said he believed the Internet could be used to help bring people together. [Read more…]