Secular Coalition responds to Hillary Clinton’s claim that the next president should be a ‘praying person’

She said the next president needs to be someone who will “pray with you and for you.” [Read more…]

What’s the best deal Trump says he will negotiate as president? World peace…

I think it’s fair to say to an extent that world peace will never actually exist. Large nations can be at peace for long periods of time, but turmoil between countries will always exist. [Read more…]

Democrats officially nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential nominee

With the conclusion of the Democratic Party roll call, the Democratic Party has nominated Hillary Clinton to be the party’s presidential candidate. [Read more…]

Christopher Hitchens was not a fan of Hillary Clinton

A video montage of Hitchens discussing his views on Hillary Clinton, a candidate that during the 2008 election he said felt she “was owed the presidency.” [Read more…]

As a leftist I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in November

With Bernie Sanders campaign over, it’s time to look at the next steps. Those steps don’t include supporting a hawkish, anti-middle class candidate. [Read more…]

As socialism grows in the U.S. so does support for overthrowing capitalism

Soltysik discussed how his party does not advocate for reforming capitalism, but instead advocates for the complete overthrow of it. [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders is not running for president to push Hillary Clinton to the left

Since the moment Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy many on the left showed great joy in the fact he would push Hillary Clinton further to the left. Praising his leftist ideas and believing he would shape the future of the Democratic Party from the outside. [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders’ supporters are far from ‘naive’ as Salon author suggests

Recently, an article over at Salon, authored by John Avignone, criticized the “naive” supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who is running for President. Among other ill-informed opinions around Sanders’ campaign and positions, Avignone criticizes supporters by saying there are no examples of Sanders’ positions working. [Read more…]

Donald Trump refuses to rule out national Muslim database and special ID

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said this week that he would not rule out the idea of requiring Muslims in the U.S. to register in a national database and even require them to carry special ID cards to identify their religion. [Read more…]

Bobby Jindal is a total failure, suspends presidential campaign

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced Tuesday that he would be suspending his bid for President of the United States. “This is not my time,” he said in during an interview on FOX News. For most Americans, this is the first time they have heard he was even running. When Gov. Jindal entered the race he [Read More…]