Why Bernie Sander’s run for president matters in the current political environment


Believe it or not, America has a long tradition of socialism, especially in the race for president. But as of late, the “S” word has become nothing more than a dirty word thrown around by conservative politicians to scare voters away from electing liberals.Bernie Sanders is not afraid of the “S” word. Sanders is an independent senator from Vermont who embraces the term democratic socialist without batting an eye; in fact the senator has a portrait of the great Socialist Party leader Eugene V. … [Read more...]

Bernie Sanders in 2012: ‘the American people are angry’

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Over at the DailyKos, they have one of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders best speeches. If more Americans hear this speech, it could really give politicians like Hillary Clinton a run for their money.Here is the video and below that are some of my own (and those of DailyKos') favorite moments.There are workers out there 50, 55 years old who intended to work the remainder of their working lives, suddenly they got a pink slip, their self-esteem is destroyed, they a€™re never going to … [Read more...]

Run Burnie Run! Senator Bernie Sanders says he is nearing a decision on a 2016 presidential bid


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the senates only self-proclaimed socialist says he is nearing a decision on running for president.Sanders says he is trying to see if he can raise the funds he needs to run a "credible campaign" in which he plans to address such issues as income inequality, unemployment, trade and climate change. Democratic socialist groups and liberal organizations are urging Sanders to run. One of those groups, the Democratic Socialists of America have started a petition … [Read more...]

An American President from Canada?


The internet was all abuzz this morning with the announcement that Ted Cruz, the US Senator from Texas, announced that he will be running as a Republican candidate for President of the United States. While others have suggested running, this announcement will create enough buzz to start bringing in sponsorships and garner support. Like being a Tea Party favorite was not worry enough.What concerned me, among many other people commenting online via Twitter and Facebook, is that Cruz was born … [Read more...]

Jill Stein announces exploratory committee for 2016 presidential campaign

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 2012 presidential nominee for the Green Party Jill Stein has announced an exploratory committee for the possibility of running in the 2016 presidential race.While it seems clear Stein understands her chances are near impossible for winning, she understands the importance of being a voice in the campaign and speaking for those of us who are sick of a two party system that amounts to nothing but a plutocracy for the American people.Here is a fantastic interview she did with … [Read more...]

Ron Paul is a conspiracy theorist who believes the government knew about 9/11

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Former Congressman Ron Paul has officially joined the ranks as a 9/11 truther.A guest on Money and Markets, the former presidential candidate said: "I've come to the conclusion that all government commissions are designed to protect the government. … I believe that if we ever get the full truth [about 9/11], we'll find out that our government had it in the records exactly what the plans were, or at least close to it." He did stop short of saying the government was behind the attacks, a c … [Read more...]