Reza Aslan and the (non)toxicity of New Atheism

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My friend Dan Arel recently got into a little spat with CJ Werleman and author Reza Aslan over anti-theism, or New Atheism. It is interesting to watch people fall victim to name-calling, belittling, and intellectual dishonesty (some of which can be seen in the thread here) rather than having an honest discussion.Arel has been involved in dispelling a lot of the myths thrown at New Atheists, or anti-theists (which seem to be synonymous with one another), by demonstrating the need to call out … [Read more...]

The threat of militias and domestic terrorism

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Terrorists are not just a threat from foreign nations; a recent Vice documentary showed that two of the top five threats to our nations security were sovereign citizens movements and militia extremism. These groups, often formed by individuals with thorough military training and ex-members of various military groups, are anti-government and see themselves as separate from the rest of the United States. They often targeting and threatening violence against political leaders; most notably … [Read more...]

The racist Ron Paul strikes again claiming black lawmakers oppose war because they want food stamps

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The "not racist" racist Ron Paul is opening his mouth again and proving once again he is just another racist old white guy.In an interview with Lew Rockwell, shared by BuzzFeed, Paul spoke about being anti-war and the allies he had in congress, or as he saw it, lack of. “I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the Black Caucus and others did not — they are really against war because they want all of tha … [Read more...]

Dinesh D’Souza goes full-racist on Twitter


Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative former president of the King's College, as well as a political commentator and author, decided to make some rather interesting remarks about President Barack Obama a few days ago. He took to Twitter to post the following message found below:D'Souza managed to doubly resort to racism in less than 140 characters and one image he uploaded. Not only by referring to Obama as "boy", but then alluding to how Obama is somehow from the "ghetto" shows nothing but a … [Read more...]

Breaking: Bobby Jindal Unaware of History or Bible

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 Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana, came out very recently to defend his choice to headline at an event for hate group American Family Association. This group has been labelled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) because, among other reasons (including holding anti-Muslim and openly racist positions), they hold an anti-LGBTQ position.Jindal, a Hindu-born-turned-Catholic conservative, said, at the end of his prayer service with AFA, "our god … [Read more...]

Allowing women access to birth control does not make President Obama an idiot

The Little Sisters of the Poor

This post is in direct response to Rebecca Hamilton's two blog posts, "President Obama is an idiot" and "President Obama is an idiot 2".Hamilton is upset with Obama because The Little Sisters of the Poor are being "forced" to provide "contraceptives and abortifacients," to employees. So upset she feels that childish name calling is the proper response.Except they are not being forced to provide any contraceptives. Hamilton is simply lying, just as The Little Sisters of the Poor are. Side … [Read more...]

I Hate Your Sandwich: The Futility of Being Judgmental

I hate mayonnaise.I even hate writing out the entire word. I do not own any and I will probably never purchase any. When I was younger and looking into part time jobs, I had to overlook waitressing because of my fear of having to interact with mayo. When the potato salad scandal happened on Kickstarter, and everyone was sharing it, I gagged through weeks of having to repeatedly see pictures of a food item that glistens with mayo. It is totally gross to me, and I hate it.Having said that, … [Read more...]

Gratitude in an Unjust World

When Dan Arel asked me to contribute to his blog, I thought I’d write a mostly fluffy, but brief, introductory piece about myself and the sources of inspiration and enlightenment that motivate my posts before getting into meatier topics. However, in light of what has happened and is happening in Ferguson, Mo. right now, the fluff has quite departed and most of my intended levity with it. So, instead, I will summarize that my life experiences, as a whole, have been filled with love, privilege, a … [Read more...]

MSNBC allows Sam Harris to actually speak

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Following an onslaught of MSNBC hosts and panelists calling Sam Harris a racist or bigot, Lawrence O'Donnell had Harris on his show and allowed  him to speak all of his thoughts without interruption.Have a listen and let me know in the comments what you thought. … [Read more...]

Ferguson police officers are wearing ‘I am Darren Wilson’ wristbands

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According to a report on Crooks and Liars, Ferguson, Missouri police officers are wearing “I am Darren Wilson” wristbands in solidarity with their follow officer who shot to death an unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.The acknowledgement of these wristbands comes just days after the Ferguson Police Department sat back and watched as a memorial set up for the slain teen burn, doing nothing to stop the easily extinguishable fire.When questioned about the wristbands, Buzzfeed say … [Read more...]