Christian radio host Bryan Fischer has mental breakdown on Twitter over same-sex marriage ruling

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American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer is having a really hard time keeping it together over the 5-4 Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50-states.He has taken to Twitter to compare the ruling to 9/11, Hitler, racism against African-Americans and something about stormtroopers.He is a few tweets away from a straight jacket. … [Read more...]

An open letter to CJ Werleman

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The following is an open letter to CJ Werleman, who was at one time a friend and a mentor, but whose actions since October 2014 have forced me to distance myself and break off a friendship that I really enjoyed and at one time cherished. Dear CJ,Since the Chapel Hill shootings I have all but ignored you. After your blaming of new atheists and claiming that those like Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins have blood on their hands, then writing that new atheists are white supremacists, and then an a … [Read more...]

Lindsey Graham told congress that the Charleston shooter showed ‘Mideast Hate’

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Speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon, presidential candidate and South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham compared Dylann Roof, the shooter responsible for killing 9 people inside a historic black church to Islamic extremists. "I don't know how you can sit with somebody for an hour in a church and pray with them and get up and shoot them," he said. "That's Mideast hate. That's something I didn't think we had here but apparently we do." So if there was any doubt that Graham is a … [Read more...]

Marc Maron blasts media outlets for only focusing on Obama’s use of the ‘n-word’

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Visiting MSBC's All in With Chris Hayes, comedian and host of the WTF podcast, Marc Maron discussed the candid and "raw" interview he had with President Barack Obama that was posted this week in which Obama discussed a variety of topics from race religions, gun violence, the political process, faith, and countless others in which the president spoke in a very non-guarded in open way.Yet, despite the hour-long interview, every single mainstream media website has been focused on one word, in … [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee once addressed the white supremacist group that influenced the Charleston shooter

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Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee once delivered a videotaped address to the Council of Conservative Citizens.The Council of Conservative Citizens was a white nationalist group that had deep ties with the GOP in the south and was cited by Dylann Roof in his manifesto that was found online after the 21-year-old killed 9 people last week at the historic black church Emanuel AME in downtown Charleston.According to a 2008 report by the Huffington Po … [Read more...]

On Charleston: Hillary Clinton acknowledges white privilege and the need for new gun control laws

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addressed the 83rd annual U.S. Conference of Mayors in San Francisco on Saturday morning and discussed among other issues the recent shooting at the historic Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and addressed America's need for new and sensible gun control laws. “I know that gun ownership is part of the fabric of a lot of law-abiding communities, but I also know that we can have common sense gun reforms that … [Read more...]

Three Things The Confederate Flag Represents Other Than Racism


In light of the racially motivated shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, it seems insanely insensitive that the government of South Carolina would continue to fly the Confederate flag in the capital. That is, however, exactly what they are doing and as Dan Arel already reported, Senator Lindsey Graham rushed to the symbol’s defense. Graham said that the Confederate flag wasn’t a symbol of racism for everyone, just that some people have used it for that purpose. If … [Read more...]

Rick Perry calls Charleston church shooting an ‘accident’ and blames drug use


The Republican presidential candidate field has been working overtime trying to pretend that Wednesday night's shooting in Charleston, South Carolina was not related to race. Former Texas Governor and GOP candidate Rick Perry even went as far as to suggest that the shooting was nothing more than a drug-induced "accident."Perry was asked by NewsmaxTV, about the fatal shooting said he didn’t know if the tragedy was an “act of terror”, but acknowledged it was “a crime of hate”.But he did say … [Read more...]

Lindsey Graham says the Confederate flag is ‘part of who we are’

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South Carolina senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, after claiming that Christian persecution was likely to blame for the Charleston mass shooting that left nine black congregants dead, is now defending the state's decision to leave the Confederate flag flying over the capital building.The senator told CNN that the flag is just "part of who we are."He did say he would be willing to revisit the state's decision to fly the flag but claimed that to many people it … [Read more...]

Bernie Sanders calls the Charleston shooting an ‘act of terror’

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The word terrorism has been widely avoided at all costs it seems in the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina last night at a historical black church, killing nine people including a state senator.While it has been called a hate crime by law enforcement and the president, others have tried to play down the role of race and make the case that the shooter, Dylann Roof was trying to attack religion.Yet in an email to supporters, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders did not shy away … [Read more...]