MLK, Facts, and Values

To mark Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I thought it was important to note how the civil rights leader felt about the conflict between science and religion. In short, he felt that there was not one to speak of.In his book Strength to Love, King discusses how "Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values." King saw religion as more of a social/cultural feature; it was the ability to understand our fellow man and how to treat each other. And, while he felt they were two … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis has made up 12 arguments ‘evolutionists’ should avoid

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The folks over at Answers in Genesis love to explain to “evolutionists” or as they should be called, “most citizens of the world”, what we don’t understand about creationism, and they are often laughable pieces that misuse science in an attempt to make creationism sound plausible.Well now they are helping out the “evolutionists” and explaining to us in their oh so mighty wisdom what 12 arguments we need to avoid when discussing evolution.So let’s pick apart these 12 arguments, shall we? … [Read more...]

A Voice for Atheism and Skepticism


  Hello everyone! My friend Dan Arel kindly asked if I'd be willing to contribute to his blog; of course, I happily accepted the offer. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with his gracious audience and I hope to find a place of acceptance with those who've found his writing as entertaining as I. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm J. D. Brucker; an atheist author and an outspoken skeptic. I'm the author of Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis and God … [Read more...]

My journey to understand Islamic extremism in a maze of ideological battles

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A few months ago I wrote a blog called, My evolving views on Islam, terrorism, and the Middle East in which I discussed how my views on Islam had shifted over time from “blame religion” to “blame politics” but I never fully jumped over to the Glenn Greenwald and Reza Aslan camp of letting Islam off the hook. Though many accused me of doing just that.I invite you to read the original post linked above, and below is partly that same piece but now modified even further to reflect the ever ev … [Read more...]

“Global Disrespect of Religious Traditions”

In a recent interview regarding the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a Buddhist Teacher, by the name of … [Read more...]

Tomb of Jesus?

In a recent article from Huffington Post, it appears that the burial place of Jesus, and his family, was discovered. Setting aside criticisms of whether Jesus existed or not, let us take a look at the claims.The find, an ossuary in a family tomb in Jerusalem dating to the first century CE, has an image of a large fish with a stick figure man in his mouth. It also has a four line Greek inscription that states Yahweh will "raise up" someone. And the name "Jesus", or an abbreviated version … [Read more...]

Jerry Coyne explains multiculturalism to Reza Aslan

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In a recent video on Real Clear Politics, Reza Aslan, one of the loudest voices defending Islam and seemingly defending violence against Charlie Hebdo by blaming France and Europe and well, anything but Islam for the terrorist attacks has put his foot in his mouth once again.Saying, Europe is facing nothing short of an identity crisis. Look, the fact of the matter is there have been these seismic changes on the continent, culturally, racially, religiously, politically. And that’s resulted in … [Read more...]

An update on Parenting Without God


My first book, Parenting Without God was released in August of 2014 on a small imprint called Dangerous Little Books (DLB).The book, in my opinion was a success, reaching Amazon's Best Seller status on more than one occasion.About 3 months ago I was informed that my publisher DLB had been sold to another publishing company and my current contract was void, but that I would be offered a new one.Long story short, I was not thrilled with the new contract and decided to turn it down and … [Read more...]

Bristol Palin claims the Ark Encounter lost its tax incentive for being ‘too Religious’

Photo: Answers in Genesis / Ark Encounter

Bristol Palin, daughter of “maverick” politician Sarah Palin has decided to weigh in on the Ark Encounter tax incentive debacle on her Patheos blog recently.Palin wrote, I just get so sick of hearing about the “separation of church and state.” Because it usually means the state is pushing Christians around. She then dove into the latest example of such “pushing around” in which she explains to readers why the Ark Encounter lost its 18 million dollars, Answers in Genesis is building a life- … [Read more...]

Ark Encounter official pens an op-ed claiming religious liberty is under attack

Photo: Ark Encounter, LLC

Still upset over losing their 18 million dollar tax incentive, Mark Looy, the COO of Answers in Genesis and The Ark Encounter recently submitted an “Op-Ed” to the Louisville Courier-Journal. Given that the piece is now only posted on the AiG website, I assume the piece was rejected, most likely because it is not an op-ed, but defense piece in which the organization still pretends it is allowed to break the law.It starts: In addition to refuting the myth that tax dollars will be used to buil … [Read more...]