The First Amendment Defense Act is nothing more than legalized LGBTQ discrimination

On Tuesday morning, the U.S. House of Representatives held their first hearing on HR 2802, the deceptively named First Amendment Defense Act, also known as FADA. [Read more…]

Ken Ham asks how long before the bible is banned in the U.S.

Creationist Ken Ham has perfected the Christian persecution complex and fear mongering propaganda like no other. He’s so good at it, he will likely be the sole scriptwriter for God’s Not Dead 3. [Read more…]

Indiana Governor signs anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ bill into law

Secularism is dead. At least it is in Indiana after Governor Mike Pence (R) signed the states new religious freedom bill into law giving business the right to discriminate against and refuse services to same-sex couples if they have religious objections. [Read more…]

Todd Starnes in nothing more than a fear monger, there is no Christian persecution in America

This is a response to Kathy Schiffer’s post on Seasons of Grace in which she discusses Todd Starnes’ new book God Less America. [Read more…]

Oklahoma Archbishop condemns satanic black mass, wants religious privilege

It seems freedom of religion is concept this Catholic Archbishop does not understand. Paul S. Coakley, Archbishop of Oklahoma City issued a statement in which he not only condemns the scheduled satanic black mass scheduled to take place in September, but he continues to call on the city to cancel the event.
Here is a transcript of his statement (video at the bottom of the page): [Read more…]