10 myths about atheists that just won’t go away


One of the world's most misunderstood demographics is atheists. Accused of satanic worship or totally lacking a moral compass, many people's misconceptions lead people to think atheists are bad people and sadly leaves people scared and wary of atheists. American’s especially do not trust atheists have ranked them as one of the most hated “religious demographics” in the country.Most of the misconceptions about atheists and atheism center around a small group of myths and misunderstandings abou … [Read more...]

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Watch & Discuss: Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers here

Photo: Youtube Screenshot / CNN

Below is a full video stream of last nights CNN special, Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers.What did you think? Who was over or under represented?I sadly noticed a lack of minority and female atheists and would have liked to have seen less about ex-clergy and more about the average atheist family living in rural parts of the country in which they are outsiders. … [Read more...]

Tribalism is not just a New Atheist (or religious) problem


I have been questioning how I classify myself, lately, because of things like the "New Atheists are toxic" idea (or at least their Reddit page is) according to the study I talked about yesterday. Among those who talked about it, and the CNN special that aired last night about atheism, the idea of "tribalism" among New Atheists also surfaced.Peter Mosely talked about an article, by another atheist, that used the term, and a Free Thought Blog entry by Jason Thibeault also discussed this idea. … [Read more...]

Reza Aslan and the (non)toxicity of New Atheism

Photo: Roanoke College / WikiMedia

My friend Dan Arel recently got into a little spat with CJ Werleman and author Reza Aslan over anti-theism, or New Atheism. It is interesting to watch people fall victim to name-calling, belittling, and intellectual dishonesty (some of which can be seen in the thread here) rather than having an honest discussion.Arel has been involved in dispelling a lot of the myths thrown at New Atheists, or anti-theists (which seem to be synonymous with one another), by demonstrating the need to call out … [Read more...]

Islam is responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo

Photo: Yann Caradec Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

On January 7, 2015, two Islamic extremists stormed the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. They separated the men from the women and announced the names of the cartoonists they intended to kill. Their shooting spree left 12 people dead. Two days later, they took several people hostage in a printing warehouse outside Paris and killed four of them.As with most events like this, everyone started looking for answers and wanted to know who was to blame. The main … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins answers evolutionary question about homosexuality (Video)

Photo: Richard Dawkins Foundation / YouTube Screenshot

Over at the Richard Dawkins Foundation website there is a great new video that Dawkins himself made in celebration of Darwin Day.In the video, he answers a question by a reader about homosexuality, “I’ve always believed that homosexuality was nature’s population control so that we don’t overpopulate. Thoughts?” Dawkins answers the reader and further explains just how evolution by natural selection works.The answer of course is no, as evolution by natural selection does not work in such … [Read more...]

Lawrence Krauss destroys Deepak Chopra over cosmic consciousness

Photo: Deepak Chopra - Facebook

This never gets old, but the ever trolling Deepak Chopra, in an attempt to stay relevant in the headlines (and oops, I am helping) has attempted to troll Lawrence Krauss on Twitter and the exchange is just beautiful.What started a Tweet from Krauss photographed with Richard Dawkins, Enjoying the beautiful trinity college old library with @RichardDawkins and book of Kells day after last event. pic.twitter.com/BaGbMRJkNJ— Lawrence M. Krauss (@LKrauss1) February 25, 2015 To which Chopra r … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins: Stop saddling children with your religious labels


In an article written last week for Time Magazine, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins started his piece by saying something he has become known for repeating, We wouldn't claim our young kids are liberals or Libertarian, so why are we saddling them with our religious labels? This sentiment has become well known and used by atheist, secularists and humanists all over, and I even used a similar argument in my book Parenting Without God, which talks a lot about giving the tools so that … [Read more...]

Video: Dawkins and Krauss say parents should not have the right to block a child’s education

Photo: James Willamor

In an interview with The Irish Times, Richard Dawkins said that when it comes to education that “the balance has swung too far towards parents.” “And children do need to be protected so that they can have a proper education, and not be indoctrinated in whatever religion their parents happen to be brought up in,” he declared. Physicist and author Lawrence Krauss, founder of Arizona State University’s Origins Project who was in Dublin with Dawkins, added that state education had to be held to dif … [Read more...]

New Atheism has nothing to be sorry for

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

There seems to be a new breed of atheism going around that feels honey is their best tool for catching fools. Atheist apologists aren't of themselves a novel thing, but there can be detected within the community a violent backpedaling from the New Atheism that was made so popular by rightfully-vitriolic writers like Hitchens and Harris. The evidence of this mentality can be seen in the words and support of people like Glenn Greenwald and Reza Aslan. But these people and others have gone one … [Read more...]