Christian fundamentalists send Richard Dawkins some love letters

Photo: YouTube Screenshot/ The Richard Dawkins Foundation

Christian's say the darndest things.Below is a video posted by the Richard Dawkins Foundation in which Dawkins reads emails sent him by his loving admirers. … [Read more...]

My journey to understand Islamic extremism in a maze of ideological battles

Photo: Voyou Desoeuvre

A few months ago I wrote a blog called, My evolving views on Islam, terrorism, and the Middle East in which I discussed how my views on Islam had shifted over time from “blame religion” to “blame politics” but I never fully jumped over to the Glenn Greenwald and Reza Aslan camp of letting Islam off the hook. Though many accused me of doing just that.I invite you to read the original post linked above, and below is partly that same piece but now modified even further to reflect the ever ev … [Read more...]

Tomb of Jesus?

In a recent article from Huffington Post, it appears that the burial place of Jesus, and his family, was discovered. Setting aside criticisms of whether Jesus existed or not, let us take a look at the claims.The find, an ossuary in a family tomb in Jerusalem dating to the first century CE, has an image of a large fish with a stick figure man in his mouth. It also has a four line Greek inscription that states Yahweh will "raise up" someone. And the name "Jesus", or an abbreviated version … [Read more...]

Both Salon and The Blaze would rather attack Richard Dawkins than discuss Islam

Photo: James Willamor

Cowards. That is the best word I have right now to describe both Salon and The Blaze who both published pieces today about the terrible terrorist attack in Paris, France at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in which twelve people were murdered over cartoons depicting Mohammad, that did nothing to mention the atrocities, but instead attacked Richard Dawkins for daring to blame Islam for the actions of Islamic extremists.I have never been shy of blaming US and other country's foreign policy for … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins: ‘We need an anti-Darwinian society’

Photo: David Shankbone / Wiki Commons

At a  recent event at Kennesaw State University, Richard Dawkins was asked about things like the men's right's movement, of which he seemed surprised to hear such a thing existed, but he was also asked about his support for same-sex marriage even though it violated the evolutionary principle.He answered, “I don’t care what’s against the evolution principle. I’m all for going against the evolution principle.” This answer is important because many religious leaders claim atheists, "evolutioni … [Read more...]

Could Stephen Hawking be the new face of atheism?


It seems the media loves to attack the most popular atheists and criticize everything they say. From Richard Dawkins to Sam Harris, they come under fire and are often called “damaging” to the atheist movement.Regardless of the truth behind these claims, the negative attention is bad for atheism to some degree at the very least, as there are many people who are looking for any reason to destroy any sense of respect atheism has in this country or around the world.Yet now atheism has a new f … [Read more...]

Answering the Richard Dawkins Foundation’s inbox


The Richard Dawkins Foundation posted an email from their inbox today on Facebook. The email read: I have a 1 1/2 year old little girl, and me and my wife are atheists. But the local school is amazing yet a church school and requires us to attend church to get our daughter in when it comes time to apply.My wife says that getting a good education takes priority over our principles. But I don't agree. She wants to start taking our daughter to church and I know it's going to drive us apart. … [Read more...]

If you’re going to call Richard Dawkins sexist you have to actually address sexism

Photo: James Willamor

An opinion piece in The Guardian by fellow Patheos blogger Adam Lee focused on the recent controversy surrounding Richard Dawkins, in which Lee accused Dawkins of being ignorant and sexist.Much like Lee, I came to atheism on my own and Dawkins played a major role in my activism, but unlike Lee, I am not ditching Dawkins for simple disagreements.Lee would most likely argue that these are not simple disagreements however as he seems to have joined the ranks of Ophelia Benson and PZ Myers … [Read more...]

Is new atheism dead and is it even a term worth saving?

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

For the lack of a better term I consider myself a “new atheist”. Along the lines of those like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel C. Dennett  (The Four Horseman) for whom the term is originally coined. I am an outspoken atheist activist who speaks out against religion and believes it causes a great deal of harm in this world.I have a great deal of respect for all four of these men for their writing, speaking and activism, however it is not such a dogmatic respect tha … [Read more...]

You don’t have to be a faitheist to support interfaith activism

An argument has been made on a fellow Patheos blog that firebrand atheism has distanced itself from allies in the struggle to solve social justice issues. The solution, writes the author is a more tone down atheism that is more inclusive of religious belief and does not attack the religious allies for their belief; a term more frequently known now as “faitheist”.This is not only wrong, but it is insulting. To imply, no matter how accidental (and I don’t think it is any accident), that antit … [Read more...]