American Atheists president David Silverman tells Sean Hannity that religious freedom is ‘about bigotry’

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American Atheists president David Silverman appeared on Fox News last night with host Sean Hannity. Joining Silverman were two Christian pastors, Robert Jeffress and Dr. Samuel Rodriguez and the group discussed Senator Marco Rubio's recent comments that LGBT equality would lead to Christianity being labeled as hate speech.Silverman told Hannity that no one is forcing Christian pastors to perform gay weddings and that the “attacks,” if any, are against “bigotry” and not religion or religious b … [Read more...]

Military force will not stop ISIS and neither will ‘convert or kill’


Much has been written about Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame over his comments to either convert or kill ISIS members, telling Sean Hannity on Fox News: “In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible,” Robertson explained. “I’m just saying convert them or kill them — one or the other. " Strangely his message matches theirs almost perfectly, as ISIS is trying to force others to their brand of Islam or face death. Obviously the irony is lost on Robert … [Read more...]