Bill Nye says he hopes that the Ark Encounter goes bankrupt and closes before it is completed

Bill Nye the Science Guy paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter and he wasn’t impressed. [Read more…]

After suing Kentucky for tens of millions of dollars, Ken Ham says the Ark Encounter isn’t about making money

The Ark Encounter, Ken Ham’s landlocked wooden church, I mean boat, is going to cost the State of Kentucky more than $100 million when all is said and done. [Read more…]

Instead of feeding the homeless Ken Ham uses donor money to sponsor a racecar

Creationist Ken Ham has already said he believes building the Ark Encounter is more important than feeding the homeless and he is willing to prove it. [Read more…]

Kentucky has a legal right to exclude the Ark Encounter from tax programs

In Monday’s ruling by Judge Greg Van Tatenhove of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, stating the State of Kentucky was in violation of federal law when they denied Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter from taking part in the Kentucky Tourism Development Program, the judge made a major error in his decision. [Read more…]

Lawyers begin arguing the Ark Encounter tax incentive case in federal court

Wednesday morning marked the beginning of the federal court case brought against the State of Kentucky by Answers in Genesis over the 18 million dollar tax incentive that the state revoked late last year.

Tourism officials “took this reflexive, kind of allergic reaction to religion” when it rejected the ark project’s participation in the tax incentive program in December, said Louisiana State Representative Mike Johnson, who is also the lawyer for Answers in Genesis. The incentive program offers those eligible a tax refund at the end of the year on sales tax collected. [Read more…]

The Ark Encounter hosted a media day and let reporters walk on concrete platforms

Today was media day at the Ark Encounter.

Ken Ham invited media to the construction site today (my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail) to have a “a unique opportunity to walk on top of the concrete measures platform, which will support the timber structure.” [Read more…]

Ark Encounter officials say they don’t need taxpayer money but demand it anyway

Anyone following the Ark Encounter saga in Kentucky has seen that Answers in Genesis (AiG), the parks parent company has been moving forward with the construction of the park even after losing an $18 million tax incentive late last year. [Read more…]

For only $20 you can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view concrete pillars

If there was ever any evidence needed to prove that the Ark Encounter does not have enough money to complete their project, this is it.

The park has announced that this summer, for only $20 per vehicle, or only $10 for those gullible enough to be Answers in Genesis members, visitors can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view the concrete pillars it has taken more than five years to install. [Read more…]

Ken Ham says building his ark is more important than feeding the homeless

A common question asked when the religious ask for massive sums of money for construction or personal projects is, “why not use that money for something better, like feeding the homeless?”

Well, this is exactly what is being asked of Ken Ham, who is trying to raise 29.5 million dollars to build a life-size ark that he believes resembles the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible. [Read more…]

Kentucky gubernatorial candidates weigh in on Ark Encounter tax benefits

Kentucky’s Courier-Journal posted questions and answers with Kentucky’s candidates for governor which will take place on November 3, 2015 to replace outbound Democrat Steve Beshear who is not eligible to run for re-election. [Read more…]