A.D. the Series covers the Pentecost

Image: "Pentecote" by Jean Il Restout, via WikiMedia

Last night gave us the third installment of A.D. the Series. I would recommend anyone check out my first two posts on the show before reading on. If for no other reason than a continuation of problems I have already addressed.A large portion of this episode, putting aside historical inconsistencies, did not even happen in the Bible. Pilate, as an example, is not heard from after the passion narrative. So him being present at the Pentecost celebration in the temple (and more on that in a … [Read more...]

Resurrecting more garbage in A.D. the Series

Image: Resurrection of Christ, Frescoe in the vault of the Parrish Church in Zirl, Austria, via WikiMedia

So last night we saw the second installment of "A.D.", the TV series dedicated to spreading the myth and half-truths of the biblical account of Jesus of Nazareth's death, resurrection, and, I'll have to assume, spread of his ministry.I'll start by saying a lot of the issues I had with last week's episode are repeated in this one; calling Jesus a "Nazarene", the disciples staying in Jerusalem, and the insatiable concern over the death of Jesus by Caiaphas and Pilate. With that said, here we … [Read more...]

A.D. the Series is a mishmash of nonsense


I started watching the series A.D. the other night as I was falling asleep. I only caught about fifteen minutes of it, which was enough for me to take to Twitter and voice some complaints. And, upon the suggestion of my friend Dan Arel, I decided to add some more in-depth commentary on the series.About two minutes after the part I fell asleep to, I started to regret that decision.My first complaint, and one that really needs to be emphasized as it is done the entire episode, is the … [Read more...]

The Ark Encounter is hiring again and still discriminating against applicants

Photo: Ark Encounter, LLC

Some lessons are never learned.After losing $18,000,000 in tax rebates because of discriminatory hiring practices (and then deleting the said job opening which led to the loss) the Ark Encounter is once again hiring a CAD designer.And once again, they are requiring that you sign:Salvation testimony Creation belief statement Confirmation of your agreement with the AiG Statement of FaithThey don't know when to quit. Sure, the tax incentive has come and gone (though they are … [Read more...]

People doing charity better than the Vatican

Photo: Mike Deerkoski

 I made a post a few days ago that appears to have gotten a few Catholics up in arms. So let me see if I can clarify...The article in question stated that, with the several billion dollars that the Vatican is worth, and with the influence it has, why does it perform minuscule tasks that barely do anything for the poor at large? Especially when that is what Jesus told people to do? Even the recent tour of the Sistine Chapel, with 150 homeless, is a rather odd thing.I was … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, the Vatican, and the leniency on sexual abuse

Photo: Casa Rosada

Pope Francis; more of the same from the Catholic church.I wish there were another way to state this but, as my last article on him demonstrated, as I would imagine the posts from Dan Arel would show, Francis is the same Pope as any before.Though Francis has made several statements that appear to make him forward thinking, it remains clear that he is not all that progressive. Let alone espousing anything new. He either reiterates positions already held by the Church, or they make … [Read more...]

Usaid Siddiqui’s false claims of hypocrisy

Photo: Yann Caradec Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

In an article from Al Jazeera, Usaid Siddiqui, a freelance writer for said publisher, called New Atheism's stance against Islam "hypocrisy".His position reads like many apologists for any faith: out of context quotes and positions that are understood only on the surface.First he cites the instance of a 69-year-old man who threw plaster grenades into a mosque in France after the Charlie Hebdo attack. He quotes the instigator as saying "I am a republican, an atheist, and what happened at … [Read more...]

A visit to the Creation Museum, Part 1: The incest problem

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The following is a guest post by Thomas EsselIt is a pretty well documented “fact” that Adam and Eve’s son Cain, as he grew up and started to get that tingly feeling “down there”, didn’t have many girls from which to choose a spouse. In fact, his choices were his sisters or his mom. Since mom was already taken, sister it was! This, of course, leads to the joke that we are all a product of incest. Gross – or is it?Not at all, says Ken Ham’s Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.I had … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis seems to be in some financial trouble


My friend Phil Ferguson has a really great post about Answers in Genesis on his blog Skeptic Money, and while he visits the Ark Encounter project and the now filed lawsuit, he uncovers something very interesting that he found over at PZ Myers blog.Answers in Genesis is spending more than they have and is almost certainly headed into a very bad financial disaster.A fellow reader of Myers' named Brian site made this great chart showing the finances of AiG.Ferguson noted that this c … [Read more...]

Ken Ham calls for ‘Darwin Was Wrong Day’


Our friend Ken Ham does not like the resolution introduced into Congress to name February 12 "Darwin Day" in the United States.Many cities, including my own in San Diego have historically recognized the day as Darwin Day and secular groups have held special readings and rallies in celebration of the amazing findings and work of Charles Darwin.But according to Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham, Secularists are becoming increasingly aggressive and intolerant in promoting their anti-God … [Read more...]