Young adults agree more with Karl Marx than the bible, a new study finds

Socialism is on the rise in the U.S. thanks in part to Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent run for president and the spotlight he put on the once-taboo word. [Read more…]

The Walking Dead illustrates how horrible the character of God really is

Just how horrible is God? Let The Walking Dead show you [Read more…]

Personal experience doesn’t prove an afterlife

Washington Post recently published an article about the common shared experiences of people who have gone through NDEs, or Near Death Experiences. [Read more…]

This gag isn’t funny

The SLC Feminist Facebook page shared the above image earlier today. If love to know the conversation surrounding this idea. [Read more…]

Charisma News Fails at Supporting the Virgin Birth

Charisma News, a conservative religious news site, wrote an article that (apparently) offers [Read more…]

Kim Davis should listen to the Bible and issue marriage licenses

It is no surprise that Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is still in the news, after denying more marriage licenses since the Supreme Court told her to do her job. It is also not surprising that others have taken the biblical literalism she utilizes (though, in fact, the Bible and Jesus say nothing about gay marriage), [Read More…]

Monster on Sunday produce a delicious metal album

  Monster On Sunday’s album, “Baby Eater” with a release date of August 7, has hints of all the greats that I listened to growing up. Remember all those scenes from “Wayne’s World” when they go to the metal clubs and head bang? When your older sibling drove you to a friends’ house and blasted [Read More…]

Ark Encounter officials say they don’t need taxpayer money but demand it anyway

Anyone following the Ark Encounter saga in Kentucky has seen that Answers in Genesis (AiG), the parks parent company has been moving forward with the construction of the park even after losing an $18 million tax incentive late last year. [Read more…]

For only $20 you can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view concrete pillars

If there was ever any evidence needed to prove that the Ark Encounter does not have enough money to complete their project, this is it.

The park has announced that this summer, for only $20 per vehicle, or only $10 for those gullible enough to be Answers in Genesis members, visitors can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view the concrete pillars it has taken more than five years to install. [Read more…]

When a non-believer faces tragedy

I’m a medical anomaly, of sorts. Aside from being the most accident prone member of my family, breaking a wrist and getting sand lodged in my eye in one summer, I was also diagnosed with juvenile, type one, diabetes when I was seven. Needless to say, I was in and out of hospitals pretty regularly. [Read More…]