Monster on Sunday produce a delicious metal album

Image via Monsters on Sunday, used with permission

 Monster On Sunday's album, "Baby Eater" with a release date of August 7, has hints of all the greats that I listened to growing up. Remember all those scenes from "Wayne's World" when they go to the metal clubs and head bang? When your older sibling drove you to a friends' house and blasted the album your parents thought they confiscated because it was "Satan's music"? Or even the slow dances in junior high where they played the rockin' slow jams?Maybe that's just me. But, at … [Read more...]

Ark Encounter officials say they don’t need taxpayer money but demand it anyway


Anyone following the Ark Encounter saga in Kentucky has seen that Answers in Genesis (AiG), the parks parent company has been moving forward with the construction of the park even after losing an $18 million tax incentive late last year. “The tax incentives, the tax rebates, have nothing to do with construction,” said Mike Zovath, chief action officer, and co-founder of AiG. “... We didn’t even include that in our budget or bond offering. That would all be used for future expansion.” This does … [Read more...]

For only $20 you can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view concrete pillars


If there was ever any evidence needed to prove that the Ark Encounter does not have enough money to complete their project, this is it.The park has announced that this summer, for only $20 per vehicle, or only $10 for those gullible enough to be Answers in Genesis members, visitors can visit the Ark Encounter construction site and view the concrete pillars it has taken more than five years to install.This is the family vacation you have been waiting for!Ken Ham tells readers of the … [Read more...]

When a non-believer faces tragedy

Image: "Pretty Pink & Green Heart" by D. Sharon Pruitt, from Wikimedia Commons, December 7, 2009

I'm a medical anomaly, of sorts. Aside from being the most accident prone member of my family, breaking a wrist and getting sand lodged in my eye in one summer, I was also diagnosed with juvenile, type one, diabetes when I was seven. Needless to say, I was in and out of hospitals pretty regularly.So when I was ten and they had me get an x-ray of my chest, I didn't think much of it. At this point, I was used to new tests being done. I couldn't link the x-ray in any way with my diabetes, but I … [Read more...]

Ken Ham says building his ark is more important than feeding the homeless

Photo: Answers in Genesis / Ark Encounter

A common question asked when the religious ask for massive sums of money for construction or personal projects is, “why not use that money for something better, like feeding the homeless?”Well, this is exactly what is being asked of Ken Ham, who is trying to raise 29.5 million dollars to build a life-size ark that he believes resembles the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible. "Nearly every time I post an update on the exciting Ark Encounter project, there seem to be those habitual complainers wh … [Read more...]

Kentucky gubernatorial candidates weigh in on Ark Encounter tax benefits

Photo: Answers in Genesis

Kentucky's Courier-Journal posted questions and answers with Kentucky's candidates for governor to replace outbound Democrat Steve Beshear who is not eligible to run for re-election.One interesting question posed by the Courier-Journal peaked my interest: Do you favor or oppose extending $18 million in state tax rebates to the Ark Encounter project in Grant County, which has acknowledged it plans to limit its hiring to Christians? Why or why not? And the answers? RepublicansMatt … [Read more...]

AD episode seven completely derails the biblical narrative

Image: The Spudd

AD is such a difficult series for me to follow anymore, let alone take seriously. Given how the producers had offered apologetics, rather than actual stories from the Bible, for the original Bible series from two years ago, it only makes sense that they would start showing episodes that they imagined themselves.Like in every post I have made on the show, the episode preys on the audience' uninformed ideas of history, politics, education, and government. It is apologetics disguised as … [Read more...]

Murderous Saul in AD

Image: "Pentecote" by Jean Il Restout, via WikiMedia

Last night we finally got to meet Saul, the future apostle that "changed" his name to Paul. There is not a lot of commentary to add to the discussion about this post other than the episodes have now gone into complete fable-beyond-the-written-word mode. What I mean is that nothing, absolutely nothing, in this episode comes from the Bible.In concept, both Acts and the letters of Paul do admit He persecuted the followers of Jesus. But there are no detailed accounts of what that entailed. Paul … [Read more...]

Ken Ham says pastors who unite with secularists are ‘intolerant’


In a blog post today by Ken Ham over at Answers in Genesis called Intolerant Pastors Unite with Secularists Against Ark Encounter, Ham attacks the pastors who along with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have filed a motion to intervene in Answers in Genesis' lawsuit against the state of Kentucky.Ham writes: Now, the Americans United for Separation of Church and State is once again attacking AiG’s life-size Noah’s Ark project. It has lodged a motion with a federal court … [Read more...]

Episode five of AD…ugh

Image: The Spudd

We are five episodes deep into the AD series on TV. There is very little I need to say about this episode, as all four previous posts I have made demonstrate the huge issues this series has. However, we still have a few things to talk about.For starters, about 90% of the episode is fiction beyond the fiction that the Bible has. In other words, what the episode is made up of is not even included in the Bible. At least not entirely.For what is included in the Bible, like the imprisonment … [Read more...]