Beltane Magic: Birthing A New Reality

Solar Cross Temple, Coru Cathubodua, HUAR and other Pagans participating in today's May Day Solidarity march. (T. Thorn Coyle and Morpheus Ravenna and Luna Pantera in photo). Photo taken by Brennos.

Beltane is here and I have been struggling to find a sense of excitement for the season for weeks now. My lack of connection is not because I am distant from my beliefs, and I am very aware that it is usually one of my two favorite sabbats of the year, but I am finding that I have been feeling disconnected from the idea of celebration in such a time of societal pain. The blooming flowers and the increasing days of sunlight have not translated to the beauty and hope that is usually felt at this … [Read more...]

Memories, Apologies and Veneration

Photo Dec 31, 6 24 13 PM

As the moon continues its waxing course, while the chronological year draws to a close, there is much in the air to remember. Today, on my way to my regular prison ministry visit, a local talk show aired a segment about the most memorable public apologies made during the year 2014. Often an apology can range from the “Don’t do as I did, learn from my mistakes” category to the “My bad” non-apology apology to a nagging silence that can a gaping wound in the psyche of the one who needs and deserves … [Read more...]

My Top Ten Pagans Working As Change Agents for Social Justice in 2014


Last year I posted a list of my top list of change agents for social justice in 2013. I decided that I wanted to do this list again, and possibly make it a annual thing. Honoring the work of people who make a positive impact in my world and in the world of social justice is important to as a social worker, a Black person and a spiritual being.This year has been a remarkable, and yet challenging, year for social activism and one that has shown a lot of strength from those who are … [Read more...]

Listening to the Ancestors; Visions in Plain Clothing

My Samhain Ancestor altar from 2013

I believe the ancestors are limitless. Beyond the material and conscious world of the living, the power of the ancestors are not restricted by the boundaries and limits of the mundane. The infinite power of those who have crossed-over the veil still contain the ability to guide, teach and transform the living, if only we allow ourselves to tap into the wisdom that is there.My mother use to tell me that if I dreamed of things in the night, I had to tell someone before 12:00pm or else it would … [Read more...]

30 Day Real Black History Challenge 2014 – Week Four (#30DayRBHC)

black panther women

While I thought week four would take longer to upload, I am determined to get this information to everyone as soon as possible! And, like last year, I did my finale separate from the final week... making a day 31 for the fireworks last day.This weeks digest is full of very interesting studies on transgenerational trauma, historical oppression, Nina Simone, Dr. Joy Degruy, Melissa Harris-Perry, "columbusing", some comedy, racial profiling, Freedom Summer, Angela Davis, and more. It is a power … [Read more...]

30 Day Real Black History Challenge 2014 – Week Two (#30DayRBHC)


Week two of the 30 Day Real Black History Challenge has been very inspirational to me personally. Exploring topics of culture and intersectionality, such as colorism, beauty, culture, the prison industrial complex, and even the relationship between African and Black. Power packed week full of topics to stretch our understanding of what culture is, and how that plays into privilege, the lack of privilege, intersectionality and ultimately.... spirituality. We are spiritual as a whole being, which … [Read more...]

30 Day Real Black History Challenge 2014 – Week One (#30DayRBHC)


I cannot believe that week one is done already, but I am so EXCITED to share this first archive of this year. Three more weeks to go of information, and I am happy to be doing this with people who want to explore, unlearn, relearn, grow, and be change makers in our communities. Only together is this possible.Enjoy the information of culture, privilege, and intersectionality in week one of the 2014 30 Day Real Black History Challenge.Day 1:* I want to set the theme of this next 30 … [Read more...]

Saving the World One Manicure at a Time!

Dip my fingertips in Fairy Dust? I think I shall, thank you!

(Or Nurturing Myself as a Global Peace Initiative)  Since I was a little girl, I have loved beautiful hands and manicured nails. (I also find hands that are twisted and knotty like tree trunks beautiful, but that's an ode for another article. I think I might have a hand fetish. That is yet another article or, better yet, a craigslist post.)Before I dive in, though, I will confess that I feel a certain degree of some kind of way about claiming that getting my nails done positively … [Read more...]

The Sacred Sensualist’s Guide to New Year Resolutions

(Or how to play your way through this newest New Year)Welcome to 2014! Happy New Year and New Moon and Super Moon and the BEST YEAR EVER that EVER happened in the history of ever before! I've seen (and sent) a few posts and texts like this one in the last few days. I'm excited about this New Year, 2014. I feel that good things are coming for myself and for those I love, and those that I like, and those that I don't know but pass in the grocery store. I'm looking forward to those good energy … [Read more...]

Big Mama Magic and Holiday Thoughts


The holidays are an interesting time. It is the challenging time of memories, and of making memories. Memories are not always comforting, and can be just as sad as they can be funny or delightful. All week I have had these incredibly insightful moments of clarity about holidays, and especially thanksgiving. I have become pretty rooted in the idea that I am slowly growing into being the Big Mama of my family…. slowly coming into my own sense of maternal self. It is strange because I do not see m … [Read more...]