Guest Post: That Angry, Polytheist, Black Woman

This guest post is from K. Pythia Theocritos, a wonderful writer that writes for her own blog and is pretty powerful in her words.  She has written a guest post for Daughters of Eve and we hope to read more of her writing in the near future.  Enjoy!!  - CrystalThat Angry, Polytheist, Black Woman by K. Pythia Theocritos This post is very raw. While writing it I seethed with emotion and yes, some of that emotion was anger. The current political and economic climate not withstanding; my mind wa … [Read more...]

Honoring Who I Have Become

Interestingly, I am a Black Wiccan. I have heard of others talk of being asked why they are Wiccan instead of a path “from their ancestry”. I have a lot I could say about this but that would side track this particular conversation. I have not had people ask me this directly but I know that I am not the stereotype of a Pagan. I am ok with that, really, but there is some pressure associated with being a bit different than the norm. Often times this pressure comes from all sides; the Pagan com … [Read more...]

To Degree or Not to Degree, That is the Question (or is it really?)

After a weekly conversation on a the Pagan Household yahoo group this week, it really pushed me to thinking about what I think is a part of the varying dynamics within the Pagan community with regards to the need for trained clergy and leaders. I am always quite confused by the resistance in the community around the “degree” system and the need for a system of information sharing that helps to ensure that passing of knowledge is outlined and organized.Let me start by saying I am currently ta … [Read more...]

Lost in Translation… or maybe not

How do you find the right words to describe the delicate fusion between who you are, who you have become and who you want to be? I think that most people are in a dance with themselves in finding out the answers to those very questions. Sometimes being a Black, Woman, Wiccan High Priestess feels like I am doing the jig to the DJ spinning techno and country music simultaneously.I waddled my way through my teen years as a alternative chick who hung out with a bunch of multi-racial, alternative … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve Q&A: Ebonee Herron-Newson

Name: Mrs. (Tiffany) Ebonee Herron-NewsonLocation: Union City, GeorgiaWebsite: The Life of an African-American WiccanSocial Networking Site: The Life of an African-American Wiccan on FacebookHow long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan? What drew you to the path?I've been a Wiccan for about 14 years now. Around that time I was experiencing traumatic personal family issues. At the time, my family and I were living in Germany, on a military base. While in Germany, there was another family who … [Read more...]

Pagan Cultural Diversity ……because I am a Goddess too.

I recently read a post in The Wild Hunt about the AFA (Asatru Folk Assembly) members that were “outed” by a reporter at the National Policy Institute National Conference. While there is plenty of information currently on the internet giving details about this particular incident, I don't think there is anyone speaking directly about how these types of occurrences translate to those of us minorities reading the comments of others inside of our community. If you want the particulars, I say read t … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve: Megan

Name:  Megan HenryLocation: Philadelphia/New JerseyWebsite: Working on it...Social Networking Site: FacebookHow long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan? What drew you to the path?For about four years.  I started out going into Wiccan. That was the most available at the time.  Although I have grown away from any organized religious practice and now am immersed into more of a shamanistic practice.  I found any organized religion a bit too dogmatic and patriarchal for my tastes.How has the pa … [Read more...]

Matronage, Patronage, and Spirits

Matronage, Patronage, and SpiritsI've come across numerous inquiries regarding the paths of the Gods, Goddesses, Elements, and Spirits. The most common question I've received is regarding how one knows who are their matron and/or patron deity is. This piece is to lightly discuss the basics of matronage and patronages.For beginner seekers, I often suggest working with deities that are automatic matrons and patrons due to birthright, pending which path you're drawn to. For instance, Yamaya of … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve Q&A: Cosette

Name: CosetteLocation: Miami, FLWebsite/Blogspot: Networking Site: long have you been a Wiccan? What branch of Wicca do you practice?I've been identifying as Wiccan since about 1995 while I was still in high school. I was largely a self-taught solitary, but I attended public circles and had a few Pagan friends. In 2007, I was initiated into the Georgian Wicca tradition.What drew you to Georgian Wicca? How is it different … [Read more...]

Death; the Great Divide

There seems to always be an assumption that Black people are Christian and when someone dies it becomes automatic that many reach for the church. This assumption that black people and Christianity go hand in hand isn't just from those outside looking in but I have found this mostly within the dynamic of our community itself.Several articles online cite statistics from UC Berkeley that say 82% of African Americans are Christian, 42% being Baptists. While I struggled to find the actually UC … [Read more...]