Daughters of Eve Q&A: blackpagan

Name: Lynn Location: The Hudson Valley in upstate NY Website/Blogspot: www.blackpagan.comHow long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan?I've identified as pagan since the fall of 2009, so it's been about two years now.What drew you to the path?During '08 and '09 I underwent some very transformative life experiences, including the death of my father, whom I took care of while he was dying of cancer. There was a lot of despair and questioning, and I spent several months intensely meditating, doing … [Read more...]

Daughter of Eve Q&A: Black Witch

Name: My name’s Olivia, but I prefer to go under the name Black Witch; it just sounds ever so official, ha! Location: Baltimore, MD Website: http://thisblackwitch.wordpress.com Social Networking Site: @thisblackwitch on Twitter and there’s a Black Witch fan page on Facebook How long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan? What drew you to the path? I’m not Wiccan, but I have been Pagan for about almost 10 years now. I have always had a natural pull to Witchcraft, psionics, and magic, as well as some perso … [Read more...]

Son of Eve: R.A. Waldron Q&A

Name: R. A.Waldron, aka Baba Nu Heri Mensa OgunPublished Book(s): The God Genes Decoded, Volumes I and IILocation: New York CityWebsite: The God Genes Decoded, The Hour of Truth, and Babu Nu Heri on Blogtalkradio (www.godgenesdecoded.com) and (www.hourtruth.com)Social Networking Site: Baba Nu Mensa Ogun on Facebook and Baba Nu-heri Mensa Ogun on MyspaceWhat inspired you to write your first book (Volume 1: Gods Gene Decoded)?Since childhood, my most passionate interest has been obeah, … [Read more...]

Finding Africa in Minnesota

I have always had some nervousness about not being able to fulfill some of what appears to be sterotypes in the Black community. Black people are suppose to have rhythm, be able to dance and drum. I can't really do either and this has always created a lot of pressure on me. And then came Yemaya; oh boy.I have always held myself back from picking up a drum and jammin, even though I know this is one of the preferred ways of working with Yemaya, through the sound of music. This fear of not … [Read more...]

The Gods That Choose You

Tonight at Sacred Harvest Festival I had a wonderful conversation with a very knowledgable and gifted woman named Spiral. Our conversation started at one end and went to another, it was an enjoyable and thought provoking experience all around for me.It got me to really thinking about how we allow ourselves to choose spiritual means that feel comfortable and provide a sense of control within how we choose to relate to deity. So many people choose deities to work with based on stories and … [Read more...]

Seeking People of Color; Pagan, Wiccan, and African Traditionalist

Inspired by many responses we’d like to celebrate, highlight, and acknowledge Pagans/Wiccan people of color authors, bloggers, vbloggers (video bloggers) and organizations in our community. We’re trying to feature as many people of color along our shared path, maximum of once a month; although we desire to have this feature weekly. If you’re interested in being profiled or know anyone who may like to be profiled please email and/or share my email address, Nouvelle Noir Goddess, @ nouve … [Read more...]

Black LGBT Marriages and Interracial Marriage: It May be Apples and Oranges to Many; Yet, Both are Still Fruits

Black Black LGBT Marriages and Interracial Marriage: It May be Apples and Oranges to Many; Yet, Both are Still Fruits Back in September of 2010, I wrote a piece for Beautifully Said online magazine, black run and owned, regarding “The Other Sexuality.” The piece is how I view LGBT relationships within the scope of the black American community, entangled with my spirituality and in correlation with interracial relationships. All the while, I had to be “cautious” with my words, for I knew the … [Read more...]

Candle, Incense, Ritual, and Black Pagan Women Dealing with Racism

Psychology of Women Quarterly recently published a report citing the ineffectiveness of the coping strategies of black women dealing with racism in June. The black media outlets are debating this recent study and I thought to interject my personal opinion on this topic, on Daughters of Eve, since many of us have used incense, candles, and rituals as part of our way of life and/or spirituality.I actually listened to the full podcast interview by the author of the study, Tawanda Geer. Sadly, … [Read more...]

Mystical Hoodoo with Mother Mystic

Mystical Hoodoo with Mother MysticReiki Master, Founder of Rhode Island Temple of Divine Spirit, Root worker, Psychic, and owner of Mother Mystic Spiritual Apothecary (179 Dean Street, Providence, Rhode Island) sat down with me to discuss the basics of Hoodoo and her work as a root worker.NNG: What is your definition of Hoodoo?MM: It’s the actual work that got separated from the Vodou religion that came to New Orleans. What they call New Orleans Voodoo is a combination of Catholicism, V … [Read more...]

Lessons of the Shadow

My shadow is not my enemy, although it can often feel that way.  Society often associates the dark with what is scary, evil or fear provoking.  It can often feel as if our shadows are the darkness of our psyche following us around and lurking for a chance to infiltrate our lives.  The shadow often holds what people would rather stuff away and forget about.  I have come to understand that my shadow is not my enemy, it is not my past left to haunt me when the sun shines on my body; and I don't hav … [Read more...]