Guest Post: I Know What You Did Last Solstice


    By Yvonne Esther NievesFor those of you who follow paganism, you know that Winter Solstice not only marks the first official day of the winter season, but it also rings in Yule, the original Christmas. Last year during the solstice, I took the time to do my own short ritual. In front of my Yule altar, I wrote down a list of things that I wanted to banish from my life, including bad habits, negative sentiments, and financial woes. On another page, I wro … [Read more...]

Weaving Magic


My mother was a crocheting wizard.  She would make everything with some threads and a needle.  We use to tease that she would crochet underwear if we let her; she never did, thank goodness.  But she made towels, blankets, shawls, baby booties, scarves, hats and even rugs.  She was a master and she did most of it intuitively.  She couldn’t read patterns and instead taught herself through practice, vision and skill.After my mother passed I started to teach myself several of the things she use t … [Read more...]

May the Gods Walk in Connecticut Tonight

prayer candle

As I mourn for the loss of innocent lives today, I think about the senseless violence that has become a part of the history of this nation. I think about the way that we hurt one another and continue to devalue the importance of human life.Tonight I pray to the Gods that those who lost their lives today, and every day, find peace in their crossing and hope in their rebirth. May their journeys be smooth and their family’s recovery is swift. We are never promised tomorrow and tragedies like t … [Read more...]

True Holiday Spirituality in Action


My spiritual routine requires a level of empathy towards others and working to understand my own levels of privilege.  I am grateful for the things I have, the opportunities I have to be self sustained through hard work and I am able bodied to do so.  I know that there are many people who are not able to do what I am to take care of myself, nor do they have the resources or support.  it is important to acknowledge what we are grateful, and gain empathy for a system that should encourage hope but … [Read more...]

My Traditional Pagan, Thanksgiving Holiday


Thanksgiving has always been an important holiday for me, more important than others.  Sharing love and blessings around the table has always been a staple in many homes, especially in my Southern, Black influenced upbringing.  And just like the importance of the meal we share, the stories around the table create very significant memories.While I celebrate the festivities of gratefulness on other days and other holidays, Thanksgiving is one that is steeped in the memory of my mother, my c … [Read more...]

Discovering my Inner, Nappy Headed Goddess

Seasame Street "I love my Hair".

My hair is kinky.  It is frizzy and so unlike what I am used to.  I have been close to going natural with my hair for some time now, and yet society always pulls me back.  I guess I have just been afraid of what it might look like if I walked around with this super ethnic hairdo that is culturally taboo in a society that is not always ethno friendly.  And yet there is something that inherently goes against a healthy self image when thinking about the lack of acceptance I might have for my nat … [Read more...]

Election Day is (finally) Here!

My car proudly announces her driver's participation in the voting process.

I've been extremely engaged in this entire election cycle- watching the debates, following the stories and commentaries of various pundits, and checking facts so religiously, one would think it was my side gig. I'm excited, today, to see the numbers of friend (and friends of friends) posting that they've voted, and expressing their pride in receiving their official election day stickers. (see mine below!)Many people don't know this about me, but I once ran for public office myself. It … [Read more...]

How My Pagan Spirituality Continues to Influence by Democratic Vote

photo credit to Crystal Blanton

This election year has brought attention in ways that feel quite different from the past.  There is a lot at stake in the next four years within this country. With an upside down economy, out of control unemployment rates and troops in the Middle East, the focus of this election is scattered.  In thinking about this election and what it means to me I look at the potential effects from the eyes of an African American, middle class, Pagan Woman.The descriptors used in the last sentence are my b … [Read more...]

Trance into the Earth

golden isis

I love meditation and trance work. I received this while in meditation with Isis and I’ve been feeling simultaneously grounded and elevated each time I do it. You are welcome to try this as you sit and read it now; you can have someone else read it for you; you can record it and try it on your own, or do something else that works best for you.Please feel free to send me feedback about your experience. Enjoy.Take a moment to focus on your breath, allow it to come into a relaxed and c … [Read more...]

Ode to the Single Mother and to the Goddess

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I was inspired tonight to think about the incredible magic of what my single mother meant to me and how that helped me to find the Goddess.  My mother had the responsibility of raising a young child, working and often times neglecting her personal needs in order to do so.  There were so many times I would see the magnificent vision of mothering from a woman who couldn't afford health insurance, dental care or clothes for her body.  She sacrificed that in order to be out of a relationship that was … [Read more...]