Have You Seen Me?

Illustrators: Leo and Diane Dillon

 I remember the first time I picked up Faerie Magazine ™. “I like faeries!” I chirped, excitement bubbling through as I thumbed the glossy pages. My husband rolled his eyes and walked away, unwilling to share in, what I thought, was a great find. But as one page turned into another, I felt that sinking pit in my stomach. You would not find me there. Every picture, every drawing, every cultural nuance announced boldly This magazine is Eurocentric.I put the magazine back and went e … [Read more...]

To Celebrate or Separate in Hate; I Choose the First

hands together

Discrimination is not a foreign concept.  It is one that many different types of people have experienced and often times have led to great violence and pain within the world.  It is not a concept that is likely to go away within human behavior and it is a quite complex concept that has become interwoven into the normal operation of society.  It is not ok and yet it is something we all experience and have done to others.I am writing this in response to many things, not just the events at Pa … [Read more...]

Lessons from Releasing in Life


She was a force, both of strength and love.  She taught me to be who I am and yet it took a while to realize that.  She was born on Samhain and so it is so natural to celebrate her on that day; both for her birthday and also because the veil is thin.  She comes to me then.But in celebrating her life, I also recognize her death... and path to her rebirth.  Two years have passed since she took on the form of a phoenix in my kitchen.  So many things left unsaid and so many things not heard.  She … [Read more...]

The Open-Minded Fallacy


 This blog-post comes straight from my gut and is the subject of a recent discussion I got to have with the wonderful Brett Hillman during a, too brief, Skype conversation a few nights ago. It's a subject near, and dear, to my heart only in that it makes me chuckle whenever I see someone proudly bandy the concept about.So here goes; No one should have to say how open-minded they are.I'm probably alone in this belief or at least part of a very unpopular minority. Open-mindedness … [Read more...]

Respect as a Spiritual Requirement

respect 2

Respect is a large thing in my life.  I find that it is a large concept in many people's life, especially within my culture.  I was raised to understand that respecting the next person is not something that is a choice but an expectation.  My mother and my father were born and raised in the south (which is the norm at some point in the family tree of Black people) and so respect was engrained and could equate to what was a life or death situation.Needless to say I was raised not to talk ba … [Read more...]

Lost Traditions


I find it amazing how many things have been lost from my families culture and our history.  I wish I could have understood how important it was to have written down all the things I saw and heard from my mother or other relatives so that I could have them to pass down to my own children.  It is always frustrating to know that there are so many things that have not been documented and therefore lost to me because documentation was not a staple within our history. This realization has become even … [Read more...]

Politics, Views and the Gods

from Heeb Magazine, 2003

This is not a political blog. This blog is meant to be a mesh of two worlds that are really one in the hearts and minds of African American Pagans. The dynamics of Blacks in America often have been political and we could argue that even the classifications of race itself is a political statement. How do you separate the issues of a race from the very politics that have been used to classify them within this nation from the day they were brought to the shores of this new world?With that, I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Ritualized Rhythm


For thousands of years dance has played an integral role in ritual and religion. For many, it was story telling and theater that led to the formation of their ritualized services. Eventually the origin stories themselves may fade but the dances, emotion, and resonance remain. For African Americans, many of whom have very little links to our ancestral pasts, our own dances and rituals have often been scandalized, sexualized, or out right vilified as unfit for public consumption.Search You … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve: Clio Ajana


Name: Clio Ajana Age: 46 Living: Writer and Educator Location: Twin Cities, MN A bit about myself...My life in the Twin Cities includes writing, teaching, translating, dancing, collecting comic books and enjoying craftwork. I consider everything in my life to be touched by my religious practice and spiritual beliefs.What is Hellenic Orthodox/Hellenic Alexandrian?The religion is Hellenic Orthodox;  the spiritual tradition within the religion of Hellenic Orthodox that I practice is … [Read more...]

Stereotypes and Misinformation

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Some experiences cannot compare to others. I know there are many differences in opinions that lead one to believe he or she has the answers to any given situation and the “rights” from “wrongs” in the world. In reality our personal views on life are build by a variety of elements that create the current take on reality. Reality is not the same for everyone and this is important in the building of understanding and becoming more sympathetic to the world around us.I can count numerous time … [Read more...]