A Pagan Parenting Astonishment: What? You promote teen abstinence?!

Nouvelle Noir Goddess and Children

A Pagan Parenting Astonishment: What? You promote teen abstinence?! Several years back, I partook of and facilitated a women’s group where we discussed various topics. A topic on teen abstinence came up and members of the group expressed bewilderment that I, a Pagan mother, promote teen abstinence with my children, alluding to the belief that only Abrahamic religion (majority Christianity) holds a monopoly on the concept and word. Yes, I was the only “out” Pagan moth … [Read more...]

Goddess HERstory : Candid Conversation (video)

Goddess HERstory : Candid Conversation (video)I’m enchanted to introduce our readers to two wonderful people within our community who is devoted to speak, educate, and provide a sanctuary within our path of the Gods. More precise the path of the Goddess.  Below is a brief introduction by Jawanza Amennum on the latest video blogging, Candid Conversation, on youtube.  Candid Conversations is a not just a talk show! It is dialogue between masculine & feminine divinity in the pe … [Read more...]

Just because Obama is President…

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Just because Obama is President....doesn't mean that racism doesn't exist. Just in case there was any confusion behind the concept that we live in a racially motivated society that has a systematic form of racism that has operated for years in the institutions of this country. It appears to be the non-minority's answer to societal problems, the fact that we have a Black president... must mean everyone has to stop worrying about whether or not we live in a racist society. Um, wrong.... one … [Read more...]

Creating Moments of Reflection and Mindfulness

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This week has been full of moments of reflection for me. You know those times when all the variables start displaying themselves, bringing things to light that create moments of confusion and clarity all at the same time.I have been thinking about Occupy Oakland and the incredible injustices that continue to happen here in the Bay Area and all over the United States. The struggle for equality continues to be a focal point of so many movements and yet we are not equal, we do not have the … [Read more...]

A Racist or A Phobic?


A Racist or A Phobic?“My journey has taken me past constructions of race, past constructions of mixed race, and into an understanding of human difference that does not include race as a meaningful category.” (Spencer in Penn, 2002, p.10)My latest post is written slightly regarding identifying myself as raceless as well as providing a brief description of what raceless is. The second part is going marginally into the depth of individuals, primarily my voice, who are raceless and dea … [Read more...]

Black Girls in Suburbia Documentary: This Suburban Black Girl Story

Black Girls in Suburbia Documentary: This Suburban Black Girl StoryBlack Girls in Suburbia is a documentary that takes an in-depth look into individual black women who were raised and/or live in a predominately white community. I must admit, the trailer is a bit too melodramatic in my personal opinion. Notwithstanding, it shouldn’t dismiss the actual pain of what these brave individuals share with the filmmakers; the balancing act of being true to oneself while defining, at times r … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Making it Racial

by K. Pythia TheocritosThere comes a time in many African American lives where, by relaying something from their social narrative will have their statement tagged as “making it racial.” When I was younger, I was very quick to correct this assertion by reframing, or even apologizing for, my statement.Socially, minorities are taught that “making it racial” means blowing things out of proportion, or taking things out of context. At the very worst it is seen as obstructing an issue by adding an … [Read more...]

Finding Strength for Ignorance: Walking through Prejudice

There are moments that happen and I often wonder if it is the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at just the right time to inspire my thoughts and remind me of my mission. This week has been full of those moments and although they are sometimes painful or disheartening, these moments are also a part of the building materials that have made me who I am. Having varied experiences that evoke emotion within me have pushed me to claim my Priestesshood, become a counselor, work in … [Read more...]

Guest Post: An open letter to the Not-the-99-Percent

This guest post is from another talented writer, Flame Bridhesdottir.  I first met her in the Shades of Faith book process and came to really enjoy her writing and professionalism.  She wrote this piece for Daughters of Eve and for her personal blog.  Considering the incredible events this week with the Occupy movement, more voices are being heard.  Enjoy! An Open Letter to the Not-the-99-Percent by Flame BridhesdottirWell well well, I see some of you out there don’t want to be considered part … [Read more...]

The Revolution was Televised

Where do I start in verbalizing the pure disgust I feel after watching the institutionalized racism, sexism, classism and power issues of what I just saw before me? I don't know where to start so I will first start with a picture of the faces of Occupy Oakland.These are the faces of a community that showed up to represent the rights of those who have fallen into the traps of a money hungry, capitalistic society that takes away from the masses and forgets the poor. Oakland is such a place. … [Read more...]