Taneli Huuskonen asked these on my blog. His words will be in blue. ***** [M]y own deconversion essentially consisted of finally being able to take seriously the possibility that Christianity was entirely false. Once I stopped mentally recoiling from that idea, I could see how much sense it made. At that point, I didn’t need to do any elaborate reasoning any more, as I’d already been doing it for years as a Christian while trying to find intellectually satisfying answers to… Read more

Words of Anthrotheist: a friendly regular contributor on my blog (he wrote this in a combox there), will be in blue. ***** I remember some time ago having a conversation with Dave, the author of this blog, and he expressed interest in my ‘deconversion’ story. So here goes. I don’t remember there ever being any particular anguish or trauma involved as I drifted away from church. I grew up in a Methodist home with my grandparents who attended services every… Read more

Atheist and anti-theist Bob Seidensticker runs the influential Cross Examined blog. He asked me there, on 8-11-18: “I’ve got 1000+ posts here attacking your worldview. You just going to let that stand? Or could you present a helpful new perspective that I’ve ignored on one or two of those posts?” He also made a general statement on 6-22-17: “In this blog, I’ve responded to many Christian arguments . . . Christians’ arguments are easy to refute.” He added in the combox: “If I’ve misunderstood the Christian position or… Read more

For a completely warped, cynical, jaded, ignorant, one-sided alt-version of the history of early science, see anti-Christian atheist Bob Seidensticker’s post, “When Christianity Was in Charge, This Is What We Got” (8-10-18). In this disgraceful, outlandish piece, he wrote:   When Christianity was in charge, the world was populated by mystical creatures, we had little besides superstition to explain the caprices of nature, and natural disasters were signs of God’s anger. Christianity’s goal isn’t to create the internet, GPS, airplanes, or… Read more

A “deconversion” is a sort of “anti-testimony” story of the odyssey from Christian faith to atheism or skepticism or agnosticism (the loss of faith in some sense). I have written papers analyzing many of these. Atheists, for their part, constantly run down Christianity and Christians. Surely they can’t object if we (especially apologist types such as myself) simply scrutinize reasons they themselves give as to why they rejected Christianity. For the life of me, I don’t see why that should… Read more

I dared to ban atheist icon / sacred cow Bob Seidensticker, for reasons carefully explained in these two papers: Seidensticker: Christians R Intellectually Dishonest Idiots * Why I Blocked Anti-Theist Atheist Bob Seidensticker * That set off (utterly predictably) a “feeding frenzy” on his blog: a no-holds-barred / anything goes insult-fest against yours truly. I had hell to pay. One simply doesn’t criticize the big shot atheists online. As usual in such instances, I shall now merely document and expose… Read more

My dialogue opponent (on my blog) is a self-described “liberal” Catholic. His words will be in blue. * * * * *Then there is the whole sacrifice of Isaac scene. What is being portrayed in Genesis is not a God who issues eternal decrees conveying rational and consistent laws. Rather, we have a God who acts quite arbitrarily, and issues decrees that are temporal and specific to the individual. God cannot act arbitrarily. That is blasphemy. So you are either questioning God… Read more

Elzbieta Kraszewski, who was raised Catholic, wrote in one of my comboxes (words in blue henceforth): The Bible is much more understandable (and actually more relevant) if we view it in light of the authors’ time and culture. Of course they didn’t denounce slavery because, like every known ancient civilization, slavery was a major part of their economy. Saying that God justified capturing, owning, and selling slaves was simply (and obviously) a man-made attempt to enshrine the right to own… Read more

The following came from a critique from Grimlock: a frequent atheist contributor to my blog (I’ve engaged in several lengthy debates with him). He is objecting to my recent blog post, “Why I Blocked Anti-Theist Atheist Bob Seidensticker” (8-8-18), in its combox. It was similar to an earlier paper, called, “Seidensticker: Christians R Intellectually Dishonest Idiots (He Also Projects Onto Me These Bigoted Ideas, as if I Hold the Same About Atheists)” (5-12-18). Grimlock’s words will be in blue. My… Read more

Scientism or Near-Scientism as a Very Common Shortcoming of Atheist Epistemology   This dialogue came about as a result of atheist “JustAnotherAtheist2” [“JAA2”] critiquing one sentence I wrote in response to another from well-known online atheist Bob Seidensticker: Bob: “Science is the only discipline that tells us new things about reality.” [link] Me: “Like many atheists, he takes the epistemologically naive and stunted view of scientism: that science is the only legitimate means of knowledge.” [link] For a helpful treatment of scientism, see the… Read more

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