The Appearance of Hope (An #Advent Poem)

The Appearance of Hope (An Advent Poem) Not long after John appeared in the wilderness with sweet locusts on his breath Not long after the expectant crowds churned muddy waves of confession into the Jordan Not long after he baptized Jesus in the cold river on a day overcast with love and thunder Not long [Read More…]

When You Love Your Enemy

When You Love Your Enemy to the Point of Doubting Your Lord by David R. Henson Now the Eleven had once been Twelve. So when the One who had hung on a tree returned without the one who had swung in a tree some of them doubted. Only a traitor could have made them whole. Image Credit: “Oak [Read More…]

The Sacrament of Housework: When the Risen Lord Did the Laundry

Sacrament After Jesus climbed up out of Death the first thing he did was the laundry. He creased the shroud that covered his face, just so, and placed it back where it belonged. He could have left it in a messy pile in a hurry to file his taxes on time or make that lunch [Read More…]

The Three Days: A Poem for Holy Week

Three Days (Cleopas, Peter, Arimathea) My shoelaces frayed into aimless clouds from walking too far after the knot of hope loosened and untied the future. I erased the darkness bathing despair in the warm blue glow of an endless screen, the only light left. I sang a lullaby and opened the abyss, gathering the dead [Read More…]

Going to Bed Angry

Going to Bed Angry Last night I slept into an angry pillow. In the morning I woke with it on the floor. Which makes me wonder If our dreams make love While we sleep, and seethe. Or if forgiveness extends From touching toes. [Read more…]

Easter’s Rage: A Poem that Will Get Pastors Fired

Just a quick disclaimer: The following poem includes rather strong language. Something I think goes well with Easter. For Lent I gave up swearing … well almost. A Homily for Easter by David R. Henson Goddamn evil Goddamn abuse Goddamn injustice, slavery and rape. Goddamn racism Goddamn war Goddamn that strange fruit of bigotry and [Read More…]