Be a Poet, Not a Preacher During Holy Week: Why #WorldPoetryDay Matters to the Church

Our churches need more poetry. Especially on Holy Week. So this week, let us not be theologians or philosophers. Let us not be pastors or priests. Let us seek to be poets. Because on Holy Week, I’m convinced, even the world’s worst poet is better than the world’s best preacher. But Christians, and clergy especially, can [Read More…]

Unforgiving Jesus on the Cross

In the midst of his crucifixion, Jesus looks down and forgives his torturers, his crucifiers, his executioners. Jesus, in the midst of the unimaginable and intolerable injustice, musters the courage to forgive the unforgivable. It is a moment, at least according to how traditional Christianity teaches it, of overwhelming mercy and unfathomable forgiveness. Except, that’s [Read More…]

Easter’s Rage: A Poem that Will Get Pastors Fired

Just a quick disclaimer: The following poem includes rather strong language. Something I think goes well with Easter. For Lent I gave up swearing … well almost. A Homily for Easter by David R. Henson Goddamn evil Goddamn abuse Goddamn injustice, slavery and rape. Goddamn racism Goddamn war Goddamn that strange fruit of bigotry and [Read More…]

10 Progressive Ideas for Enlivening Your Holy Week Experience

1. Attend a public demonstration protesting oppression in honor of Palm Sunday and the “triumphal entry.” Stand for justice for Trayvon Martin . Stand for immigration justice, racial justice, environmental justice. And if you don’t know what those are, Palm Sunday is the day on the Christian calendar to find out. 2. Read The Last [Read More…]