Napping in the Gethsemane (When apathy and empathy collide)

The prayers were agonizing. They were so intense that red sweat stained his white robe on this blackest of nights. The sorrow was excruciatingly deep, painful and overwhelming. Jesus said he felt like dying. A pall hung over the olive garden, an unsettling silence punctured only by His agonizing plea to His friends, “Stay here. [Read More…]

Napping in Gethsemane (When apathy and empathy collide)

I’m not always looking for a way out. I’m fully awake for worship. How could I possibly miss that joy and energy? I’m never asleep for the awards ceremony, when others dish out praise for my deeds or my words. And when the soldiers rush the garden, I’m up and awake for a good fight. But most of the time, I just check out. [Read more…]