How Greta Spent Her Spring Break

Greta Van Susteren, host of MSNBC For the Record, traveled over Spring Break. Like millions of other Americans, she took a trip. But she didn’t soak in the waters of the Caribbean or play on the beaches of Cancun. She went to Northern Iraq and documented the travails of Christians rebuilding their communities. She saw [Read More…]

A Christian {and sane} response to Middle East refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers

The news reports and the haunting faces scrambling across Europe are jarring. They are desperate images with photographers eager to capture the tear, the frightening toddler or the crippled woman. The refugee and immigration crisis is one that is knocking at nearly every European door and officials are being pressured to do more. As Christians, [Read More…]

Is it possible that persecution will actually save the church?

We read the reports and hear the news. The church’s influence is waning. The tide of culture is crashing, sweeping our morals, our structure,  and our ability to have impact in the world. No longer dominant, no longer in control, Christians are shrinking to minority positions. And in that vacuum, the opposition is coming in. [Read More…]

Tour guides for faith

Raed Haddad​ has been a tour guide for 21 years, and he’s a natural. He has a heart for his country and loves his people. “This is the birthplace of faith,” he reminds us. “The Holy Land wasn’t defined by nation’s boundaries as much as it was by tribes.”

But what comes out in every conversation is his heart for his faith. As a committed Christian in this country, his faith is under fire every day.

“I cannot separate my faith from what I do,” he admits. “If God is true, He must be everything.” [Read more…]