Maybe God Didn’t Hear My Prayer

There was one thing I wanted from God. It was virtuous. It was honorable. It was good. So I prayed. And I asked. And I exhorted. And nothing happened. Maybe He didn’t hear my prayer. Maybe He didn’t care. The prayer was for a miracle for someone else, for a change of heart and direction. I prayed [Read More…]

Giving Thanks for Donald Trump {And Why You Should Too}

This Thanksgiving season, it seems that I’m praying a lot. I’m giving thanks for a job, for friends, for family. I’m actually giving thanks for the 20 extra pounds I’m carrying, a sign that I live in the land of plenty. I’m giving thanks for blessings seen and unseen. And I’m also praying for others. [Read More…]

Whose team is God on?

Athletes – and people in the marketplace – should not be afraid to ask for God’s blessing. But we should realize that his blessing can be found even in failure, in brokenness. He is far more concerned about our character, our development as his children than the success of the world. [Read more…]

Can I Pray For You?

For three decades I’ve believed in the power of prayer in the middle of the impossible. I’ve invited strangers, coworkers, family members, and friends into the circle and never had one tell me no. I’ve prayed with the prodigals in my life, that they would find their way home. I’ve prayed for my enemies, that they would find love again. [Read more…]