International Refugee Day – Have we forgotten so quickly?

It was just two years ago that the world was riveted by a the sight of a little boy face down on a beach, one of millions who were rushing to flee terror, bedlam and war in the Middle East. From Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and others they banged on Europe’s door, lining up against [Read More…]

A Syrian family that found a way out

 You might remember the story.   I told it just a few months ago, when I thought the world had peaked in it’s insanity. I was wrong. The story was about a Syrian family that I met. They were pushed out of their ancestral home by war and violence. If you don’t remember Albert Sayegh [Read More…]

Here’s the Part of the Refugee Ban that Makes Sense

This weekend, President Trump dropped the jarring news of an executive order that spelled out a ban on refugees and immigrants from certain countries. It really isn’t news, since throughout his march to the presidency he spoke repeatedly about keeping out the bad actors and promising a temporary ban. As long as a year ago, [Read More…]

Ancient Christian town, silenced for centuries, comes alive with refugee church

The Syrian crisis is a humanitarian issue that should rivet the world. Political leaders, thinkers, religious figures and aid workers should come together and figure how to end the dismantling of a once prosperous and free country. But God isn’t waiting for any those things before He acts. I’m here in Jordan listening and observing, [Read More…]

This Syrian family is looking for home

His name is Jack. It’s not a typical Middle Eastern name, sounding more like a New Englander instead of a kid from Aleppo, Syria. He’s 12 and he lights up the room. He misses his friends. His toys. His grandmother. Just nine months ago his family left everything in Syria. According to his dad, Albert, [Read More…]

A Christian {and sane} response to Middle East refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers

The news reports and the haunting faces scrambling across Europe are jarring. They are desperate images with photographers eager to capture the tear, the frightening toddler or the crippled woman. The refugee and immigration crisis is one that is knocking at nearly every European door and officials are being pressured to do more. As Christians, [Read More…]