I’ve made some changes in the site code:

  • The SecureImage plugin, which generated those annoying verification code images, is no more. (I’m confident this will be among the more popular changes.) I’m not planning to replace it any time soon, but we’ll see how things go. Hopefully, this change will encourage more visitors to leave comments.
  • Observant readers will notice the shiny new “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar, which is supplied by a very cool WordPress plugin called Brian’s Latest Comments.
  • I’ve tweaked the Net Atheists Top Sites logo at the bottom of the sidebar to make it less intrusive.
  • The “Other Links” section of the sidebar now contains a link to Freethought Radio, the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s new weekly radio show and podcast. This is a very cool endeavor which I encourage all my readers to check out. Feed your need for rational thought!

As always, e-mail me with any comments, concerns, suggestions, or problems you may have. Also, readers are advised that a large new article (a review of a classic piece of Christian literature) will appear on Ebon Musings sometime next week.

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  • Dominic Self

    I suspect you might find yourself getting quite a bit of comment spam this way, unfortunately… it’s normally slightly more intelligently written than fundementalist rants, at least ;-)

  • Ebonmuse

    Actually, I’m not expecting the spam volume to change noticeably. WordPress comes with a built-in Bayesian spam filter called Akismet, which checks all comments regardless of how they’re submitted. When I set up this blog, I added SecureImage as an extra layer of protection. However, I found out recently that spambots can ignore the normal comment posting procedure and directly invoke the PHP script that posts comments, bypassing SecureImage entirely. Really, the only thing it was doing was inconveniencing legitimate users; Akismet was doing all the hard work from the beginning, and it’s generally quite accurate. If it starts making more mistakes, I’ll consider alternative ways to block spam.

    I did make an under-the-hood change that will also deter spammers, by renaming the comment-posting script. This will cause automated attacks aimed at standard WordPress blogs to fail, and I doubt most spammers will want to put in the effort of manually parsing my site to figure out the new name.

  • Dominic Self

    Ah, didn’t know about that, sounds good! My own blog used the sadly defunct MT-Blacklist of known URLs to deter spam, and since that died I’ve had to resort to security images. A Bayesian filter sounds worthy of investigation though.

  • Oz

    Adam, you’re so smart Now we just have to work on this whole liberalism thing. ;)

  • Ebonmuse

    Now we just have to work on this whole liberalism thing. ;)

    Don’t hold your breath there. ;)