Vote Now: Daylight Atheism's Greatest Hits

I’m proud to announce that today marks Daylight Atheism’s six-month anniversary – it’s hard to believe I’ve been writing for this site so long – and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going so far. This blog has experienced steady growth in readership every month it’s been in existence, and is now averaging around a thousand hits per day. I’d like to offer my deepest gratitude to you, the readers, whose presence and feedback has made Daylight Atheism what it is. I couldn’t have done it without you!

I believe this site’s statistics show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there is a large pool of people in society who are interested in atheism and related issues and who are seeking a perspective that is not provided by traditional media, and I’m happy for the chance to provide that perspective. In the time I’ve been writing for this site, I’ve appreciated the chance to interact with all my readers, regardless of their backgrounds, and to present my viewpoint and enrich my thinking by being exposed to their opinions in turn. And, rest assured, I don’t intend to give this up any time soon. In fact, I have a huge backlog of potential topics which I intend to visit in due time, probably enough to keep me occupied for years. I’m sincerely appreciative to all who have indulged my humble writings thus far, and I promise that should you choose to stay around, I’ll do my best to make it worth your while. There is much ground left to be covered. Onward and upward!

But the primary reason I’m writing this post is to ask you, the readers, for your help. Starting soon, I intend to inaugurate another new feature for the site that I’ve planned since the beginning: a “greatest hits” section that contains the best posts ever presented on Daylight Atheism. What I’m requesting help with is in determining which posts should make the cut. Do you have any particular favorite essays on this site? Are there any that you would like to see featured in such a showcase? If so, speak now! I’ll consider any and all suggestions.

I should emphasize that I’m not necessarily seeking the most popular or the most heavily-viewed posts (that would be the Loose Marbles series, as well as the various carnivals I’ve hosted, by a considerable margin). Rather, I’m seeking the posts that, in my readers’ eyes, were the best-written and that best exemplify what this site is all about. I’d prefer at least one or two from each category, in order to give new readers a broad overview of the site and help them get a better idea of the kinds of topics it discusses. I intend to include a few idiosyncratic favorites of my own, but I’m open to suggestions as well. Does anyone have any to offer?

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  • CalUWxBill


    I’ve been reading your blog for a little more than a month and have enjoyed the common sense approach to the issues in the world that have plaqued progress that go back as long as we go back in history. But, several of your posts have made true that while humanity has been mired in irrational faith for a long time, we have continuously been turning the tide towards enlightenment using reason. I haven’t been “blessed” with the best memory in the world, but browsing back a few pages, two posts of your I like are Putting Humanity on a Pedestal as well as the Roar of Many Waters. These posts really capitalize well on showing how reason has advanced society and how much of faith has thwarted such advancement. I do think faith has survived though because it helps people move forward past the questions unanswered, rather than tirelessly pursue reason to answer these questions. If you look at our world and society, reason has done wonders to advance the whole, no one person can ever be satisfied with what they can answer through reason. Some things just will not be known in our lifetime and we must learn to accept that, but set the groundwork for the future of humanity to continue creating the positive change that has been ongoing throughout history. I really like your blog and site and will keep checking back in to view your rational yet inspirational thoughts.

    Best Regards,

  • Dominic Self

    Congratulations on reaching you six-month anniversary :D (As much as that phrase would bug someone like my dad!) I’ve been reading Daylight Atheism since the beginning and it’s been a welcome relief from the religious fundamentalism that appears daily in the world from the Middle East to the foiled plane bombings that occurred just today here at home in the UK.

    Personally, the articles that hit home most have been the Theocracy Watch series, and particularly the post April on abortion and the crisis pregnancy center. Philosophy and high-level debate is worthy and welcome, but this snapshot of just plain inhumanity in the cause of blind faith touched me especially.

  • Dominic Self

    Oh oh and also – sorry to pile in with multiple nominations here – but Why Do We Care? should definitely be in any Greatest Hits package.

  • Shishberg

    I’ll second Dominic’s nomination of Have You No Sense of Decency, and add The Errors of Faith, and also The Power of Christ Compels You for comic value. There are some older posts that were interesting but I’ll need to go hunting to find them.

  • Babbler

    Putting Humanity on a Pedestal. I dunno why; I just like it.

  • Philip Thomas

    Seeking the Hidden Switches, Some Thoughts on Libertarianism, and the On Free Will series.

  • tobe38

    Congratulations on the 6-month mile-stone. I’ve been reading since the beginning, as you know, it’s gone very quickly and I’ve really enjoyed reading everything.

    A few of your posts stand out for me. I can’t remember exactly what you called it, (an Atheists Journey?) but I enjoyed reading your deconversion story. I also enjoyed your series on the question of atheists evangelising, and your review of the Da Vinci Code was entertaining and raised issues I hadn’t previously seen.

    All the best for the next 6 months!

  • Nes

    I’ve been reading since close to the start as well, finding it shortly after devoring your other site. Like CalUWxBill, my memory isn’t the best, so I’d have to go browsing back through posts to find some, but I do have to recommend the latest one, “Happy Ingersoll’s Birthday!” I had heard of him before, of course, both here and from Randi’s Swift at the JREF, and possibly a few other places, but I didn’t know much about him or his works.

    While I’m commenting, I have to compliment your writing style. Even if there’s something I disagree with, you write it very eloquently. It’s a joy to read it!

  • Prof. V.N.K.Kumar ( India )

    My selection of the Greatest hits in the Garden category would be : 1. Life without superstition. 2. Cathedral of suns : A Humanist sermon. 3. Fossil Fuels. 4. Atheism as a Positive Worldview.

  • EnigmaOfSteel

    Congratulations on the six month anniversary, your site continues to be a great resource. I would vote for including in the greatest hits one of your essays on Atheist evangelism. How unfortunate if someone turned to religion, simply because an atheist never bothered to put forward a reasonable alternative. We should not cede the public square to the religious, or to those who might invoke atheism to further questionable agendas. It is important for atheists to place their views into the marketplace of ideas in a positive and rational manner, and your writings on the subject are much appreciated.

  • Philip Thomas

    I think it is important for everyone to place their views into the marketplace of ideas in a positive and rational manner.

    Some will find it easier than others though!

  • Archi Medez


    Congrats on the 1000 hits per day!

    Re best article, this is just off the top of my head, but Seeking the Hidden Switches was one of the best from my perspective. The recent “Still think Hitler Was an Atheist?” was also a good.

  • Nes

    I’ll have to third “Seeking the Hidden Switches” and “Putting Humanity on a Pedestal,” and also suggest “Out of Respect” and “Better Left Unsaid” from The Loft, since I haven’t noticed mention of any from that section yet.

  • tobe38

    Sorry to be a pain, but was reading through the archives and just re-read “Why do we care?”. This is right up near the top of my list.