Return of the Carnival of the Liberals

On January 3, the Carnival of the Liberals will be returning to Daylight Atheism for its 29th edition. There’s still plenty of time and plenty of space for submissions, so get writing and send in the very best of your unapologetically liberal thought! All topics are welcome, but I’ll look with special favor on entries fitting any of the following criteria:

  • With the results of the November midterm elections in, progressives have won a great victory in the United States. Now it’s up to us to lay a path forward. What should be the top items on the Democratic agenda, and how can we best repair the damage done to this country by six years of conservative domination? Perhaps even more important, how can we cement our new majority so that another destructive resurgence of Republicanism does not happen again?
  • What is the strategic relationship between progressive politics and religious faith? Is it necessary or appropriate to discuss one’s personal beliefs in public to win elections?
  • As liberals, we should consider ourselves citizens of the world. We should be alert and informed about what’s happening on this planet and how it affects the lives of our fellow human beings. What are some newsworthy stories occurring around the world that have received little or no attention from the mainstream media?

Entries can be e-mailed to me directly using this address.

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