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Every so often I shake up my blogroll, removing inactive sites or ones I no longer read regularly, and adding sites I’ve recently discovered that interest me. In the past few weeks, I’m pleased to say I’ve come across a bumper crop of new atheist blogs, all of which look very promising and well-written. If you’re in search of articulate writing on nonbelief and freethought, check these out:

A Load of Bright— My special recommendation for this one, which is the work of regular Daylight Atheism commenter tobe38. Go check it out, leave him some comments and tell him I sent you!

Atheist Self — An atheist still in the closet offers his thoughts to the world. Here’s hoping that keeping a blog encourages him to voice his thoughts in public.

Lynn’s Daughter, Thinking — A former fundamentalist finding her way in a world shorn of the comforting fantasies of religion.

The Journey Out — Another former believer chronicles their journey out of fundamentalism and toward freethought. A fitting name for a quietly eloquent site.

No More Hornets — I love that name, and when you read the quote on the masthead that explains where it comes from, I bet you will too.

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