Some Items of Note

Following my earlier announcement, I’m now very pleased to announce that the Humanist Symposium now has hosts for its first seven editions, up through September 2. My sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who stepped up to volunteer!

Also, the carnival home page, linked above, now offers some graphic logos thanks to Intergalactic Hussy, proprietor of The Atheist Jewish Zen Buddhist, who kindly volunteered her time and effort. Please feel free to download and use them to promote this carnival in whatever way you see fit.

Now that the Humanist Symposium has a home for the time being, all we need are enough entries to keep it going. Judging by the enthusiastic response so far, I’m not too worried. Still, it never hurts to get the good word out, so if you’re thinking of writing or submitting a post for this carnival, please do! And if you know anyone else who might be interested, please encourage them to do likewise. So far there’ve been over a dozen submissions for the first edition, coming up this Sunday, with a few of truly standout quality.

Also, another item of interest: YouTube contributor “FightingAtheist” has turned my essay from Ebon Musings, “The Theist’s Guide to Converting Atheists“, into a video slideshow. You can watch it here: Part 1, Part 2. If you like it, be sure to thank him for his time and effort!

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