Blogroll Meme

I don’t normally do these things, but Greta Christina started this one, and it seemed the least I could do was to participate.

The idea of this meme is to pick three sites from your blogroll that, together, form a combination that no one else has, and that you think says something about the unique nature of your own blog.

I choose these three:

A Load of Bright: Toby may be taking a break from blogging, but I have little doubt that he’ll be back sooner or later. Since he consistently writes some of the most insightful posts on religion I’ve seen, I hope it’ll be sooner!

Dangerous Intersection: My good friend Erich and his stable of talented co-authors turn out some great posts on almost any topic you can imagine – politics, science, religion, culture, media. A great site that deserves to be more widely known.

Slacktivist: If more Christians were like Fred Clark, I think there wouldn’t be nearly as many angry atheists out there. Plus the most entertainingly scathing dissection of the Left Behind books to be found anywhere on the internet.

My memes are non-viral, so I’m not going to single anyone out – but if you want to participate, consider yourself tagged!

Consider this an open thread. And while we’re at it, let’s make this a blog self-promotion thread. If you’ve got a blog you’d like to be more widely known, tell us about it in the comments and explain why it’s worth checking out.

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