Help a Fellow Atheist

I’ve written in the past that atheists and freethinkers, if we ever want to truly compete with religion on its own terms, have to create a secular community that offers the same kind of social support network which believers are accustomed to finding in church. I hope we can put that principle into action tonight.

The atheist blogger Possummomma, happily married and mother of four children, is going through a difficult time due to health problems. She suffers from severe light sensitivity as a result of lupus, which limits her movement both inside and outside the house and makes it difficult for her to spend time with her kids. Berlzebub’s Inferno has put together a fund-raising drive to help her out, which thanks to the attention of some prominent atheist bloggers has already collected over $3000. (The most promising course of action is to help her buy and install a UV-blocking window film that should let her move freely within her house.)

I’ve spoken extensively to Possummomma over e-mail, and I’m convinced that this is a wholly genuine and legitimate need. I plan on donating to her cause (instructions here), and I hope some of you will choose to do so as well. As atheists, we should understand why it’s so important for human beings to help and care for each other. Please consider it!

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  • Dutch

    This is a good thing.

  • velkyn

    what a nice thing to do. I’ve shot them some cash to help out.

  • Eric Burkhardt

    Thanks for the information Ebonmuse. I sent them some cash as well. Hope it helps.

  • corsair the rational pirate

    Corsair always helps out those who are really in need. She’s got my paypal dough.