Daylight Atheism: Anniversary #2

You know what time it is. :)

Today marks the second anniversary of Daylight Atheism’s first post, which was on February 10, 2006. After two years, we’re still going strong! My list of topics for future posts remains as long as ever. In fact, I’ve found in the past several months that the number of posts I plan for a given month outnumbers the number of opportunities for posting. As a result, I’ve built up something of a backlog of posts, which I’ll try to work through over the next several months.

In honor of this milestone, I’ve gone to the database and crunched some numbers. At the time this was written, Daylight Atheism had 529 posts and 12,318 comments. Below is a chart of the total and unique hits by month, which I’m proud to say displays the strong upward trend that’s been apparent since this site’s inception. So far, February 2008 is on a course to continue that trend.

Daylight Atheism Hit Totals, 02/2006-02/2008

I don’t know if there’s an upper limit to Daylight Atheism’s traffic, but I haven’t seen one yet. I firmly believe that there’s still a huge audience for the message of freethought which we’ve only begun to tap. Even in America, most god-besotted of the First World nations, there are tens of millions of atheists, secularists, and religious “nones”. Among the conventionally religious, there must be millions more who are reachable – frustrated freethinkers afraid to identify themselves as such, or people who simply didn’t know that atheism was a live option. If we can reach out to even a small percentage of these people, if we could persuade them to speak out and organize, we could make nonbelievers a political and social force to be reckoned with. In the last year, the religious right has fallen into disarray, and their stranglehold on American society has weakened. If we want to make that a permanent state, we need to create an active and motivated secular movement that could step into the power vacuum they’ve left. To whatever extent I can further that goal, I’ll gladly play my part.

The writing of my book continues more or less on schedule; I’m aiming to finish writing by this summer. After that, I’m planning for another month or so of editing and cleanup, and then I’ll start looking into options for publication.

As Daylight Atheism enters its third year, I’m always in search of new and interesting ways to improve this site and its community. One thing I’ve been thinking about is a live chat session, probably on IRC, where I could answer questions or where readers could communicate with each other. Is there any interest in this? If so, let me know; we can negotiate a time and date that would be best for the largest number of people. If this is a success, I may make it a monthly or bimonthly event.

In closing, I offer my warmest gratitude to you, the readers, who’ve made this site what it is. Overall, I’m very happy with the quality of discussion here, and I think there’s a vibrancy and yet a sense of intimacy and community that one doesn’t often find together on popular weblogs. This, to me, is an encouraging microcosm of the larger freethought community that I perceive is taking shape in society. I’m thankful to everyone who’s taken the time to participate and to leave their thoughts in comments or e-mail. As always, I’m humbled by the number of friendly, intelligent people who’ve chosen to take part here. I strive every day to improve my writing to be worthy of your time and energy.

Our challenges are not yet past, my friends, but the future looks bright. There’s religious lunacy to skewer, humanism to defend, and a world that still needs to hear what we have to say. Onward!

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