And We're Back

If you’re seeing this post, then you’ve made it back! This is Daylight Atheism at its new, and hopefully much faster, host. Thanks for your patience. Regular updates will resume shortly.

I do have a request to make of my readers. Until the move, I hadn’t upgraded WordPress since I first set up Daylight Atheism in 2006. I figured, since the move was happening anyway, it was about time I got around to doing that long-overdue software update.

As it turns out, the designers had introduced just enough interesting database incompatibilities in the intervening two years to make that job interesting. Nevertheless, after much grumbling and occasional cursing, I think I’ve gotten it all sorted out. (No thanks to God, but many thanks to the designers of Perl.) Posts, comments, and all the other data should be here, and commenting and other site functions should be working properly. But to be sure, I’d like to ask you, readers, to be my beta testers. If you have the inclination, please explore the site and kick the tires – check out some old posts, the archives, the search function, and make sure everything is present and working as you expect. If you find anything that’s missing, broken, or odd, please drop me an e-mail and let me know. Thanks!

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