Site Matters

I believe I’ve successfully upgraded the site to the newest version of WordPress. Hopefully, this will keep out hacker attacks like the one from a few weeks ago. I think all the glitches resulting from the upgrade have been ironed out, but if you see anything that doesn’t work right, or that seems different from how you remember, please let me know.

In the last reader feedback thread, the question was raised of adding a plugin to permit editing comments after they’ve been posted. Now that the upgrade is complete, I’m going to look into that. I know that Friendly Atheist has something like this, so I’ll try to find out what he’s using and get the same code set up here.

UPDATE: I’ve installed a plugin which promises the ability to edit and/or request deletion of comments for up to 5 minutes after they’ve been posted. Try it out and let me know how it works!

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  • Spanish Inquisitor

    Should have read this first. I received a trackback from you from a year old post. Must be your upgrade.

    I like the ability to edit and delete comments, too. I just used it with these last two sentences.

  • Kevin Morgan

    Replied to the next post re: free speech in Europe, tried to use a quote with the <blockquote cite=””> tag, didn’t work for me no matter how I tried editing it. Also, edits show the tags as those annoying symbol replacements.

  • Ebonmuse

    The blockquote tag works like this:

    your text here

    which becomes:

    your text here

  • KShep

    Okay, I’ll try editing.

    Cool! It works!

  • Steve Bowen

    As the one who first requested an edit. I’ll have a go at edditting..

    whoops didn’t work.. Only kidding cool

  • LucyInDisguise

    When you check with Hemant, please ask him to add navigation links to newer and older posts on his blog. It is so annoying to have to keep paging back to the RSS feed to go to the next post.



  • Nes


    It looks like the update may have wiped out comment previews… or maybe something just isn’t working right for me.

  • Ebonmuse

    Now that you can edit comments, I’ve removed the comment preview – it never worked all that well, honestly. Should I bring it back? (Or should I try to find a different plugin for the same job that works better?)

  • Nes

    Though I do like seeing it (even with all the odd things that it sometimes did), it doesn’t really matter to me, especially since I don’t comment all that often. Besides, I can always make an HTML file on my computer and preview it that way ;-)

    I just thought that maybe something went wrong and that I should bring it to your attention.

  • Steve Bowen

    Yeah. The format often looked weird on the preview which made it difficult to proof-read. The new comment edit is better because you see it as it will apppear. Works for me anyway (and 5 minutes is longer than you think).

  • Thumpalumpacus

    Not to be contrarian, but this a.m. the edit took very long — it opened up my post with about one minute left to edit — so I like the idea of restoring a preview.

  • Steve Bowen

    Not to be contrarian

    Is that some new religious sect? :)

  • Ebonmuse

    I’ll see if I can find a better preview plugin than the one I had.

  • D

    My biggest problem with the preview plugin was that sometimes it would lie to me. I had to find out the hard way that I couldn’t do superscript and subscript (even though the preview said they’d work), and I would sometimes get weird errors in the preview which would not be reflected in the posted comment (e.g. links disappearing in preview, but displaying properly in the comment itself). I’d say that having a preview available (however flawed) is better than having none at all, for what that’s worth.

  • Ebonmuse

    I also noticed that the live preview wasn’t untrustworthy, D, which is one of the reasons I got rid of it. I’d prefer a static preview; I’m still looking for a good replacement.

    And since you mentioned it, I went and fixed it so you can in fact use superscript and subscript now. :) I threw in ordered and unordered lists, too.

  • D

    Yay! Now all my talk of faithh and faitht will finally make sense! Well, OK, maybe it won’t make sense, but I’ll at least be able to communicate my nonsense in the way I want to communicate it. :) Thanks!

  • Ebonmuse

    Since there was some grumbling about it in the other thread, I’ve modified the comments form. If you fail to uncheck the check box used to catch spambots, the rejection page will now include the full text of your comment – that way you don’t have to retype it if you didn’t compose it in a separate editor. Sorry about that! I’ve also made the check box more obvious.