Announcing: City of Light


Welcome, and news!Today I'm very pleased to announce the publication of the third book in my Caliel series, CITY OF LIGHT. It's the sequel to BROKEN RING from earlier this year, continuing the epic story of a world where mortals rebelled against the gods and won. Here's the synopsis:The world of Caliel is on the brink of war.In the lands of the god Vraxor, family turns against family and friend turns against friend, as the dark god's priesthood is riven by dissension and schism, … [Read more...]

Upcoming NY Debate and Free Short Stories!


Last December, I debated Andrew Murtagh at the Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I'm pleased to announce that next month we're holding a part 2, this time on Long Island, New York. If you're in the area, come out and see us! The sparks will fly (in a friendly way, of course) as we go head-to-head about the existence of God, the proper role for government in our lives, and all that other fun stuff. (Also, Andrew now has his own blog on Patheos. Check that out too.)Here are the … [Read more...]

Announcing: Broken Ring

Last autumn, I published my first novel, DARK HEART, an epic fantasy in a world where mortals rebelled against the gods. Today I'm happy to announce that the sequel, BROKEN RING, is now out!If you liked the first book, I'm confident that this one is even better. Here's the synopsis:One month out of every year, the constellation of the Ring rises in the night sky above the world of Caliel.But one year out of every ten, the brightest star is missing, and the Ring becomes... the … [Read more...]

Coming Soon

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Chain Bookstores Are Doomed


In the week between Christmas and New Year's, I went book shopping to use some of the gift cards I got as presents. I went to a Barnes & Noble in Queens, one of the big ones with the built-in coffee shops and a huge display near the front of the store for their e-reader. It's not as good as supporting an independent bookstore, I realize, but there are fewer and fewer of those where I live, and I still think it's better than Amazon (whose labor practices I'm greatly concerned about).I had a … [Read more...]

Please Ban My Books


This week is Banned Books Week, a free-speech campaign founded by librarians and publishers to call attention to the ongoing problem of censorship. Although we've come a long way since the days when Anthony Comstock got James Joyce's Ulysses outlawed and prosecuted Margaret Sanger for mailing pamphlets on birth control, librarians and schoolteachers still face legal and political pressure to remove books that annoy cranky, censorious malcontents. And in some corners of the world, things are … [Read more...]

Dark Heart Now Available on Smashwords!

You asked for it, and I delivered: my first novel, Dark Heart, is now available on the Smashwords site in EPUB, PDF and a couple of other formats, supporting all e-readers other than Amazon Kindle. (Actually, you can buy a Kindle version from there too if you want.)Here's the link: of an odd policy of Smashwords' requiring all prices to end with 0.99, I set the price there at $4.99 rather than $5. So, if you want to buy a Kindle copy … [Read more...]

Announcing: Dark Heart


So, I promised you all an announcement. Here's the story.A few years ago, before I started blogging, I wrote a novel. I never found a publisher who was interested, so I shelved it and forgot about it for a while. But Amazon has changed the equation, and so I've finally decided to take the plunge and publish!The book's title is DARK HEART, and it's a fantasy epic in the model of Robert Jordan, Ursula K. LeGuin, J.R.R. Tolkien, and some of the other authors I was reading at the time. It … [Read more...]

New Books and Books to Give Away

Hemant Mehta has just published a new book, The Young Atheist's Survival Guide. It's about the growing and increasingly important demographic of atheist high schoolers - their trials and travails, the opposition and sometimes shocking persecution they've faced in their schools and their communities, and the hope they offer for the future of the secular movement. Here's Hemant on what he set out to accomplish by writing it:There are more atheists under the age of 30 than ever before. While a … [Read more...]

Daylight Atheism, The Book Now Available in Paperback!

For those of you who don't have an e-reader (a category which, I have to admit, includes myself), or who just prefer something more tangible, here's some hopefully welcome news: Daylight Atheism, The Book is now available in paperback through Amazon CreateSpace! Here's the link. If you're interested in an autographed copy, leave a comment and let me know. It'll have to be a little more costly than the current $12 list price, since I'll have to pay for the shipping myself; but I'll keep the … [Read more...]