A Book Review Policy

Although I have written previously of Daylight Atheism's rapid growth (and let me add that the total hit count for August shattered the previous record from July), this weblog appears to be attracting attention in a way that I did not at all expect. Several days ago, I was contacted by Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, who thanked me for my previous positive review of his book and asked if I would mention that it was now out in paperback with new and revised chapters. I … [Read more...]

Vote Now: Daylight Atheism's Greatest Hits

I'm proud to announce that today marks Daylight Atheism's six-month anniversary - it's hard to believe I've been writing for this site so long - and I couldn't be happier with the way things are going so far. This blog has experienced steady growth in readership every month it's been in existence, and is now averaging around a thousand hits per day. I'd like to offer my deepest gratitude to you, the readers, whose presence and feedback has made Daylight Atheism what it is. I couldn't have done … [Read more...]

An Important Announcement

To all my readers,As a rule, I don't discuss my personal life on my blog - I assume you all have more important things to do than read about what I had for breakfast this morning. However, an upcoming change in my life will be unavoidably affecting my writing, and I thought it fair to let you all know.Specifically, I'll be starting a new full-time job this week. Although this is a very good thing for me, it will unavoidably cut significantly into my free time. Fear not, however; I have no … [Read more...]


I've made some changes in the site code:The SecureImage plugin, which generated those annoying verification code images, is no more. (I'm confident this will be among the more popular changes.) I'm not planning to replace it any time soon, but we'll see how things go. Hopefully, this change will encourage more visitors to leave comments.Observant readers will notice the shiny new "Recent Comments" section of the sidebar, which is supplied by a very cool WordPress plugin called Brian's … [Read more...]

March Announcements Redux

• Daylight Atheism will be hosting the Philosophers' Carnival on April 24, in one month. Send in your best philosophy blogging now!• This blog has been attacked by those most vile of creatures, comment spammers. Thankfully, the built-in spam filters seem to have kept them out so far, but if any spam comments do make it through, don't hesitate to inform me so that they can be swiftly deleted. (I suppose I should consider it a good sign that my blog is sufficiently prominent to attract their att … [Read more...]


Daylight Atheism has now been up and running for several days, and I'm extremely pleased with the response so far. Already the site logs show over 1500 hits, representing over 250 unique visitors, and there have been some excellent comments and discussion. My humble thanks to everyone who's read and contributed so far - I'm more grateful than I can say for your support and your praise, and I will strive not to disappoint.I already have a considerable backlog of entries written and ready to be … [Read more...]

A Guided Tour

Since this weblog is, in a sense, my home on the Internet, it seemed a useful metaphor to divide it into categories symbolized by the rooms of a house, with each room encompassing a specific set of topics. At least to begin with, there will be six categories, which will be as follows:The Foyer is for introductory posts (such as this one), important announcements, and news relating to site administration. If and when I have guest authors, their biographies will also appear here.The … [Read more...]

Comment Policy

Anyone who knows me, either in real life or through e-mail correspondence, should be well aware that I am a steadfast defender of freedom of speech. I consider it to be the most important right any democratic society can have; it is, in a sense, the right upon which all other rights depend. That is why I support only the minimum necessary restrictions on it, such as laws which ban harassment or incitation to criminal activity, and oppose all other restrictions on speech, however … [Read more...]