Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene

While not exactly the crime of the century, it’s one that has understandably upset a lot of people.

From a newspaper in Rochester:

Parishoners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Lowell Street were shocked Christmas morning to find a major piece of its nativity scene missing: baby Jesus.

Church secretary Suzanne Verrill said it appears someone swiped the baby Jesus figure from the nativity scene situated near the church’s front entrance sometime overnight on Christmas Eve. People immediately noticed the absence on their way into the Saturday morning church service at 7:15, Verrill said.

“They were asking, ‘Where’s baby Jesus?” she said.

Verrill estimated the baby Jesus figure is less than a foot in length yet is “pretty heavy” because it is made of plaster material meant to withstand winter weather.

Sister Lucie Ducas wasn’t sure how long the church had owned this particular nativity set but felt they’d been using it for “some time.” She noted the parishioner who’d recently repainted the set had approached her over the weekend with dismay over the disappearance of the baby Jesus.

“I don’t know why someone would do this,” Ducas said. “It was probably someone who thought they were doing some kind of prank.”

Ducas said nothing else in the manger scene was taken.

“It’s not really a manger scene without the baby Jesus,” Ducas said. “It’s not anything that you can replace.”

Police Capt. Paul Callaghan said the theft was not reported until Monday. A police officer was sent to the church to open an investigation Monday afternoon.

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  1. ron chandonia says:

    We have a nativity scene in our front yard, close enough to the street that we have worried this might happen. The street is quiet, but some of the local teens like to TP houses, smash Halloween pumpkins, and generally make themselves obnoxious. What better way than to swipe the infant from the manger–especially since these cases get plenty of publicity at Christmastime. Since the infant for our set of figures is not available as a separate item, losing it would cost us plenty, so we took pains to wire the baby down. If they’re going to make our lives painful, at least we expect them to work for it.

  2. Unfortunately, vandals in Illinois and Pennsylvania have stolen the figure of Jesus from Nativities and I would wager other places. (Sometimes the statues are returned.)

    This post reminds me of the Dragnet episode aired at Christmas in the 60’s.

    A statue of baby Jesus is stolen from Church nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Friday and Gannon try to recover the statue by Christmas day. They quickly find a down-on-his-luck guy whose only crime was being involved in an unreported and minor fender bender. They can’t find anything on him so they return to the Church to tell the pastor. The three are taken aback to see a young Hispanic boy dragging a wagon that contains the missing statue

  3. May they see the baby Jesus statue they stole and realize what it symbolizes. May they have a change of heart.

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