Bending for Benedict: trapeze artists perform for pope

And now for something completely different, from today’s general audience with Pope Benedict.

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  1. It’s not easy being pope…

    I especially liked the juxtaposition of the perplexed cardinals as seen through the tangled topless bodies of the acrobats…with a hint of the nativity in the distance.

    The white “Chippendales” style cuffs were a nice touch too.

  2. Nuthin’ like a exhibition of God’s creation.

    The “white ‘Chippendales’ style cuffs” are most likely the “taping” of the wrists which is customary in gymnastics and strength sports to give them extra support. If you notice, most of the moves involved a great amount of stress/weight on their wrists.

  3. Why oh why do they expose the pope to this stupid stuff?

  4. MhariDuh…that is a good explanation and no doubt these brothers are enormously talented…

    but it was creepy and awkward watching them remove their jackets to expose there bare chests. I felt bad for the pope, who as always acted like a gentleman while thanking them…but perhaps with a bit less enthusiasm than usual.

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