"Chradvent," anyone?

Back on the first Sunday of Advent, I preached about the tendency to mush together Advent and Christmas into one unhealthy season — and I encouraged people to make Advent matter.    Well, it turns out the Bishop of Salt Lake City had some very similar ideas, and issued his first pastoral letter at the same time on the importance of Advent.

Not long after, blogger and journalist Terry Mattingly (of the excellent “Get Religion” site) got in touch with me for a piece he was researching on the whole Christmas/Advent mashup.   The finished piece popped up in a couple of newspapers around the country (thank you, readers, for sending it my way!).  And now Terry has posted it at his blog.

If you’re looking for ways to make these last days of Advent count, take a look.


  1. Regarding the tendancy to decorate for Christmas and to get too Christmasy before Christmas actually happens:
    a friend of mine compared it to getting ready for a new baby. You prepare the baby’s room, you decorate it, you have a party (shower), buy things, receive gifts. You’re not jumping the gun – you’re preparing him room.

    I think we can ignore Advent and celebrate Christmas too soon, but I also believe that you can’t observe Advent without knowing about Christmas. I like to use the Merry Christmas trappings as tools to help me observe Advent. We can think about what each tradition, decoration,etc symbolizes.

  2. And I also note that the Vatican Christmas tree is already up.

  3. But let us admit that the whole season has become a crazy winter fest with shopping as the main activity. Business love it of course, but is it really the spirit in which we Christians are to proceed?

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