Congregations growing in the UK

It seems that reports of Christianity’s demise in Great Britain may be exaggerated.

From The Telegraph:

New congregations are being formed to take over old redundant church buildings or to provide more youth-friendly services, helping church membership numbers to rise.

Church leaders said the study – the first of its kind for three years – showed that reports of Christianity’s demise in the UK were premature.

Previous studies by Christian Research have shown a steady decline in Anglican congregations, a trend which would have led to as many as one in five churches becoming redundant by 2030.

However, between 2007 and 2008, the total number of Anglican congregations in the UK rose from 18,198 to 18,208 – the first increase for ten years.

Although the increase is small, The Rev Lynda Barley, head of research for the Archbishops’ council of The Church of England, said: “this shows it’s too premature to say the Church is dying”.

She added: “That some churches are reopening is a reflection of the commitment of local communities who don’t want to lose their church.”

The figures, to be published this week by Christian Research, also reveal that the Roman Catholic Church is continuing to enjoy a rise in attendance at Mass, that the number of Pentecostal worshippers is increasing rapidly and that Baptist churches are also enjoying a resurgence.

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