"Hail, full of grace…"

Is this what the Annunciation would look like if it happened today?

The above picture is John Collier’s provocative, decidedly modern take on the singular event which we heard recounted in today’s gospel.   Collier has done some captivating work around religious themes, including the Catholic memorial at Ground Zero. Check out this website for more.

And for more on the Annunciation, take a gander at what Fr. James Martin has to say today.


  1. I love this image – it is so moving to me.

  2. wineinthewater says:

    I think Tanner’s Annunciation is my favorite:


  3. Thank you for including John Collier’s Annunciation on your blog. Would you be interested in seeing a new small sculpture of Mary Magdalene, one of the figures at the Catholic Memorial at Ground Zero?

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