How would the Nativity be handled today?

Why, digitally, of course.  Here’s an inspired look at how it might unfold.

Merry Digital Christmas!

YouTube Preview Image

  • Deacon Paul Augustin

    This was great!! My 14 year old son loved it. This is probably not far off from the truth.

  • James Martin, SJ

    Awesome! Loved it. Many will not, though.

  • Marianela Opazo

    Only Deacon Greg is able to find this interesting messages. Loved it!!

  • Candidate Dave

    01001011 10011010 00100011 10101101!!!

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  • HMS

    Fantastic! Does anyone know the brilliant mind(s) who created this gem?

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  • Lily Simpkins

    I loved it!!! I wish it was also in spanish.

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  • Becky Campbell

    Loved it!
    Very thought provoking and inspirational in a modern sense.

  • Ratzenberger

    Blasphemy! I hereby curse you

  • Sarenth

    This is hysterical. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Melinda

    Kyle (10 years old) Australian Catholic would like to say,


    Laughed throughout entire skit!
    Especially loved piece about……………..
    ‘Joseph buying a cow & donkey’
    & commented on how it is also available on Facebook!

    Thankyou Veronica!

  • Clint

    Very cool! Here’s another great one along the same lines :)

    Merry CHRISTmas!

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  • Silvia

    I had a good laugh. As for Ratzenberger’s reaction I think it is most “unchristian”. Our Lord came to teach us to love, not to curse. He is the ONLY judge. I hope He brings a bit of good sense of humour for Br. Ratzenberger.
    Merry Xmas ! from Uruguay,

  • Rose

    It was very interesting I played it a couple times. The Nativity is something to remember. Thanks I loved it

  • Katyhunny

    That was superb!!! Loved it. Very now, today!!! Thank you to whomever created it and put it out there for us to enjoy.