"I have traveled many moonless nights…"

Another favorite song of the season: Amy Grant’s haunting Marian hymn, “Breath of Heaven.”

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  1. I’ve always hated this song.

  2. Oh, no dymphna! I’m sorry you don’t like it. It’s my absolute favorite! I listen to it over and over again. I especially love the part about- “Help me be strong; help me be; help me” That’s a prayer I say over and over again! This song carried me through a very difficult time in my life, and it helped me to realize that even when I can’t feel it and don’t notice it, the Holy Spirit is always with me, carrying me in His wind towards the will of God. Through this song, I feel that I have a little better understanding of how frightened Mary must have been to accept the word of the Angel and how loved and supported she was by “the Breath of Heaven.”

    Thanks Deacon Greg, for posting this!

  3. It’s too much like “Mary Did You Know?”, another song that treats Mary like an ordinary girl.

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