Michael Bolton, on singing in Assisi

“There is something special about this place. I have performed in churches and cathedrals and holy sites but there is something about being in the presence of everything that has been inspired by St Francis…When you’re doing Christian songs, there is a very different focus that you have to deliver. As a singer it is one of the very few times that you have to get out of the way.You have to hit the notes, but become a servant and it reminds you that St Francis was all about service to humanity.”

– Michael Bolton, singing in Assisi for a concert to air on December 25th.

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  1. Are you going to be posting your Christmas Homily soon?

    And do you have a nice Christmas Eve homily?

  2. I agree totally with Michael Bolton and the uniqueness of Assisi. Whenever in Italy, Assisi become for me a place of retreat and renewal. There IS something about it…


  1. RT @TopsyRT: Michael Bolton, on singing in Assisi http://bit.ly/g6G75f

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