Muslim enrollment climbing at Catholic colleges

Seems the prayerful, disciplined culture agrees with them.

Details, from the Washington Post:

On a quick break between classes last week, Reef Al-Shabnan slipped into an empty room at Catholic University to start her daily prayers to Allah.

In one corner was a life-size painting of Jesus carrying the cross. In another, the portrait of a late priest and theologian looked on. And high above the room hung a small wooden crucifix.

This was not, Shabnan acknowledged, the ideal space for a Muslim to pray in. After her more than two years on campus, though, it has become routine and sacred in its own way. You can find Allah anywhere, the 19-year-old from Saudi Arabia said, even at the flagship university of the U.S. Catholic world.

In the past few years, enrollment of Muslim students such as Shabnan has spiked at Catholic campuses across the country. Last year, Catholic colleges had an even higher percentage of Muslim students than the average four-year institution in the United States, according to the Higher Education Research Institute. The influx has astonished and sometimes befuddled administrators. Some Catholic campuses are creating prayer rooms for new Muslim students and hiring Islamic chaplains to minister to them. Others are unsure how to adapt.

One of the sharpest increases in Muslims students has been at Catholic University in Northeast Washington. In the past five years, as the number of self-identified Catholics on the campus has decreased, the number of Muslims has more than doubled, from 41 in 2006 to 91 this fall.

The largest group of international students by far now comes from Saudi Arabia.

Muslim students say they enroll at Catholic schools for many of the same reasons as their classmates: attractive campuses, appealing professors and academic programs that fit their interests. But there is also a spiritual attraction to the values that overlap the two faiths.

“Because it is an overtly religious place, it’s not strange or weird to care about your religion here, to pray and make God a priority,” said Shabnan, a political science major who often covers her head with a pale beige scarf. “They have the same values we do.”

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  1. Quote…“Because it is an overtly religious place, it’s not strange or weird to care about your religion here, to pray and make God a priority,” said Shabnan, a political science major who often covers her head with a pale beige scarf. “They have the same values we do.”

    Anyone that believes that has not read their Quran or followed their actions and what their leaders say around the world. That Quran is an Islamic prayer less book of instructions to Muslims on how to dominate the world. There is absolutely positively and any other words with that meaning NOT any resemblance between Catholicism or Christianity and Islam! Grant them any kind of acceptance at your peril.

  2. Fiergenholt says:


    –I really doubt if you, as an English-speaking “Anglo,” have ever read the Quran. You see, according to sacred tradition in Islam, the only authentic language that the Quran is to appear in is Arabic. Any translation in any other language is a commentary and cannot be used for for religious instruction.

    –Academic scholars of the Philosophy of Religion point out that throughout the world there are three “Religions of the Book” — Judaism; Christianity; and Islam — and all three have far more similarities than they have differences. In fact, all of the key figures of the Old and New Testament also have narrative equivalents in Islamic narratives. Devout Muslims venerate Miryam of Nazareth almost as much as Roman Catholics do.

    –The one country of the world that has the absolutely largest populations of Islamic folk is Indonesia and the United States has always been at peace with those people.

    –I had the opportunity to listen to an Iman in our area of the country talk about his congregation. It has been in existence here in the US for almost a century and consists of Islamic folk from 24 separate nationalities — only three of which are Arabic. He, himself, is of Egyptian heritage.

    –The United State military services have had Islamic Chaplains for some time. Several of them were quite helpful in working with the inmates incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay after 9/11. Best guess is that over 60% of those released from Guantanamo have NOT returned to any terrorist activities. That is a far better average than our own prisons were the number returning to crime after release is almost 80%.

  3. For you to say that the Quran I read is not accurate because it was translated from the original Arabic is the most stupendous pile of dung I have ever read outside of what the Quran and its Sharia laws say.

    I see and hear every day what Imans and other leaders of Islam advocate, say and endorse terror from Muslims around the world and to me it is astounding that anyone even considers Islam a religion. I sure do not.

    There are only two Religions of the Book that would be the Jewish and Christian Books. Islam is not a religion it is a militaristic method and system to dominate and subject everyone to the barbaric seventh century ways of Islam. Its goal is to dominate the world by whatever method it deems necessary. The only peaceful passages or verses in the Quran were subjugated by later violent ones. I stand by what I said in my first post. Anyone who grants any acceptance of any part of Islam should be very careful they do so at their own peril!

  4. Okay, when the collection for Catholic University rolls around again in my parish I’ll be sure to tear up the envelope. Let’s see how much money Saudi Arabia or Kuwait ponies up.


  1. Muslim enrollment climbing at Catholic colleges Cool.

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