New Jersey approves pro-life license plates

It joins a growing number of places that are promoting these kind of plates.

Details, from the AP:

New Jersey’s Motor Vehicles Commission has bowed out of a seven-year legal battle and is quietly offering license plates with the slogan “Choose Life.”

The plates are available through the Children First Foundation, which first tried to get them approved in 2003.

State officials initially rejected the plates, saying they didn’t want to get into a debate over abortion. The state also said it doesn’t allow slogans, just the names of the organizations on the plates.

The Children First Foundation fought the decision in court.

New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission spokesman Mike Horan says the state decided to allow the plates to avoid further legal expenses. They went on sale Dec. 3, and none have been sold.


  1. I’m glad to see that NJ has dropped its opposition to a Choose Life license plate. The image in the article is not correct, however. It’s the design that was proposed back in 2003.

    On the final design, the line at the bottom of the plate reads: “NJ CHOOSE LIFE”

  2. 150 plates were purchased within the first 10 days and they are approaching 200 now.


  1. RT @TopsyRT: New Jersey approves pro-life license plates

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