Poll: most Americans will pray as they ring in the new year

How will you ring in the new year tonight? How about with a prayer?

According to the Christian Post, a new poll indicates you’ll have plenty of company:

A new Rasmussen Reports found that a majority of Americans don’t plan on skipping prayer even though they won’t attend parties this New Year’s Eve.

An estimated 66 percent say they will say a prayer before the start of 2011, with men more likely than women to do so. Black Americans are also more likely than whites to pray in the last hours of 2010.

About the same proportion of Americans, 64 percent, say they don’t plan on attending a New Year’s party, while only 21 percent say they will. Fifteen percent say they cannot predict whether they will attend a party to celebrate the new year or not.

As for when the clock actually strikes midnight, 69 percent of Americans intend to be at home, seven percent will be at a friend’s house, and five percent will be at a restaurant or bar. Others surveyed said they will be somewhere else, nine percent, or aren’t sure where they will be, ten percent.

More people said they will not be drinking, 48 percent, than say they plan to consume alcohol on New Year’s Eve, 42 percent.

In an effort to provide family-friendly alternatives, many churches will be offering parties, concerts, and activities on New Year’s Eve.

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