Shock: deacons killed in Sinai

The men were Orthodox deacons, reportedly seeking to help refugees.

From Christian Today:

Fears for hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers being held captive in the Sinai Desert have intensified amid reports of the murder of two deacons.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide heard of the killings in a report from Italian human rights group Agenzia Habeshia. The two deacons were among 100 Eritrean refugees separated by their captors from a larger group which also included Sudanese, Somalis and Ethiopians refugees.

Agenzia Habeshia believes the deacons were singled out for punishment and killed on Saturday for alerting human rights groups about the plight of the remaining 250 refugees and asylum seekers, who have been held by the Bedouin traffickers for more than a month in the Sinai Desert.

CSW said conditions for the refugees were “degrading” and that traffickers were demanding up to $8,000 for each hostage’s release. They had already charged each refugee $2,000 for safe passage to Israel.

According to Agenzia Habeshia, the refugees have had their religious possessions destroyed and suffered beatings and torture, including electric shocks.

The refugees were reportedly badly assaulted by the captors for failing to make the ransom payments and were made to drink their own urine after being denied water. There are also reports of organ harvesting and of pregnant women in the group being forced to have abortions.

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Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them …


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  2. RT @DeaconsBench: RT @TopsyRT: Shock: deacons killed in Sinai

  3. RT @TopsyRT: Shock: deacons killed in Sinai

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